Young, Naïve and Broke!

Glad it’s Furahi Day as always ma-excitoz kiasi. No big plans though this weekend…will be ensconced into QT with mama watoto.

In other news, a study published in a prominent scientific magazine showed that our brain communicates simultaneously with our other senses asking questions like…”what did the study say” and “I bet this is not a real study”, the study also revealed that it takes a normal person kadhaa seconds to read utter nonsense.

But seriously there is a study out there for ‘happiness’ that showed the following:

· Couples who are living together but aren’t married are waaaaay happier than those living together and married. Duh!

· Single people who are not regular passengers on the BT are the happiest of all…they record levels of happiness only matched by the little children Jesus always referred to.

For utopian happiness; one should be single and go out with an unmarried person of the opposite sex; move in together (while remaining single) and never get married (strokez inclusive).

By the way would it surprise anyone if Osama was a campaign staff member for Obama’s presidential bid? Or the skinny chap is a cab driver or hot-dog guy operating outside the White House? I swear this guy will eventually turn up in the most unexpected place on earth, trust me.

Sad news, my workmate was just fired. This is the first time I have seen this happen in a professional setting, very sad and unfortunate. Lakini she must have seen it coming the young lady was out at least 6 working days every single month, often without any excuses.

I pity her all the same; she has two kid to take care of and no husband or baby daddy to rely on. My heartfelt prayers go to her.

And why in hell would any young lady would get a second Bastard Child (pole toto) if they clearly cannot cater for the first one is beyond me. It almost as if they are like…fuck it, I fucked up the first time, might as well get another.

Advise: It is important to put Mind over any Matter, always. It is because of disregard to common sense and logic I believe that my poor workmate is jobless. She was given so many chances to redeem herself (over one year in fact) but she kept taking advantage and daring the company to fire her!

It is also a poor choice of logical reasoning that Musyoka and Odinga are entertaining cold nights as each reminiscence of happier times and block away nightmares courtesy of 100 meters horse race to the finish line with Kibaki having a 75 meters head start.

If only they could hold on to the feeling of unbwagableness that they all felt right after the referendum, ohhhh the good times! They say good things come to those who wait, I don’t know why they didn’t listen.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend and please, remember to tip your bartenders; they are the glue that hold this world of ours together.

9 thoughts on “Young, Naïve and Broke!

  1. i was here… but i was high……nitarudi…….nadhani……

    **hummimng (them mushroom)… eli niwe pekee yangu…inawezakaje kufanya mapenzi pasipo na fikira…. eli niwe pekee yangu mama, eli niwe pekee yangu…..mama… zoea….

    by the unakumbuka ile storo ya tswana, wacha ulevi, nione kando

  2. I heard something to write (I promise but I have 4gotten it so let me go back and read)………………………….No, I had nothing to say. WAIT……………………..on your workmate…maybe she just likes kids. The watchie at home has two wives and ten kids- he is bread winner ( and you ask what is he winning?= bread literally!). I think the fact that she “abused” her job and that she has two babies and no baby-dadi may go hand in hand. BUT, I have not walked a mile in her shoes so let me put my stones away. sii kuna welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am with 3TOK on this one perhaps but then again she cant support the first one..aiii!!

    Do have a super weekend! 🙂

  4. Totally agree its VERY important to put mind over any matter.
    @3TOC liking kids is different to raising them so she should have known better if not for her then for the kids to have what they deserve.

  5. I hear you on putting mind above all else…unfortunately HUMANS (argh they irk me) oft times choose to place emotions and confuse the entire flow of life (yes, I’m a cynic of sorts).
    BTW, I thouroughly enjoyed reading this entry…touched on some ISHT going on with ppl I know!

  6. first time here. dont feel so sorry for her, she is skiving work do do God knows what.perhaps its the wake up call she needed.
    will mos def tip the bar man.

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