Sexy Communication

Is it possible that Kikuyus are not only the world’s worst dancers but also the worst dressers? Take a look at this video and be the judge….

And I know it’s a praise and worship video lakini hata kama ni kanisa; shouldn’t it still be a crime to know a store that counts that yellow coat as inventory??

Moving On:

I had a rather interesting discussion with some pals on sex and communication and which of the two vice is more important in a relationship. The quagmire being forced to choose one while giving up the other entirely.

Would you rather have….

Lousy, really lousy sex coupled with great, great communication with your spouse for the rest of your lives OR

Great, great sex coupled with lousy, nonexistent communication with your spouse for the rest of your lives.

Obviously most normal relationships contain a varying degree of both so no point in lamenting ‘why not have both’…the whole point of the discussion is to CHOOSE ONE.

For me it was quite a difficult choice but I have to go with great communication (and mama watoto widens smile as she reads on)

(quickly, erase last thought – wise man has changed mind!)

Okay I am going to have to go with my gut feeling here and it keeps insisting that I reconsider and ask for more great Sex Please. Thank You!

But that’s just me and my mom always told me I am a special breed….whatever she meant by that?

Anyway what would you choose, great communication minus Strokez or

“toe curling, body shivering, air grasping, heavenly….crazy love making or {insert plain ol’ sex if necessary} bila the Cheap Talk?

Chaguo ni Lako, utajitetea ukiwa upande gani?


Strokez – 18 votes

Communication – 8 votes

28 thoughts on “Sexy Communication

  1. I am suint YOU, be warned. That yellow coat- I had 20/20 vision, that sight may have changed that.

    QUESTION, QUESTION, me,me, me- kwani sex is not communication horizontally? Just asking!

    LMAO! Yes, indeed sex is great communication horizontally.

  2. Is the yellow coat leather?

    For the second Q, cant i have a bit of both?

    there is no way that is leather, the yellow wouldn’t stick. sasa wewe gish, you have to choose ONE!

  3. Great strokes anytime of the day! Si pia writting a SmS is communication.

    Alafu my guys its how stealing my template? Kip kwanza sasa wewe? Aaaaarrrggggghhhhh i’ll change mine basi!

    Am also told am a special breed – naona i’ve a brother! LOL

    ati Xs, kwani the other letters have been repossessed? speaking of template si you help a WP disabled mind how to put a right size image hapo, if you cheza I might even just copy your image.

  4. Yellow jales….bila words!

    Ok that’s a tough choice to make, but I think (for this particular moment in time) that I’d rather have the excellent communication and bad sex. The strokes can always be outsourced!! And the sex eventually becomes dull and dreary anyway, so let’s go with the great communication and lousy strokes. Just keep a mistress kando.

    Gish, the main aim of being asked to choose one is because BOTH is not an option!!! Alaa?

    seriously, communication….seriously….sawa basi

  5. It’s like choosing between wearing the yellow jale ama the orange sandaks!! Anyway, I’d have to go with great communication, hoping that it’d eventually lead to improved mbokos?

    great communication will only lead to better communication and a good supply of lame strokez. umechagua mwenyewe

  6. I Thought its only my in -laws to be that had major colour clashing issues ( kambas )! kumbe hata nyumba ya mumbi has that probo…………..

    communication ? all i see is the boobs.. anything else beyond that is noise..

    Amen! right now we are 50/50 strokez vs. cheap talk….

  7. Communication can always be worked on. But Bad sex is permanent. Wacha I vybe ukuta for the next few years, but I kamata like a nonsense.

    Yes, Bad sex is permanent and should be avoided at all cost!

  8. EEeh ok so now th colour is spreding to our neighbours.
    No way we communicate as we breath heavily after works great strokage muhimu.

    but where are we getting the terrible dancing? what our community would like to gawa from you guys is the great skill of strokage….watu wasaidiane

  9. You already know my answer.

    Communication is key!

    it is key, all the same I am praying for you to switch sides….*fingers crossed*

  10. damn, I will have to say communication. There is tools that can be used to enhance sex, so really that’s not a shida.

    That being said, I am very lucky to discover both sides of the coin in my man and myself 😀

    good for you majonzi. i should have put a disclaimer that tools cannot be substituted to enhance lousy sex.

  11. LOL! Kwani ni wakamba- Kikuyu! LOL
    Sex can be used to communicate too, Infact how its done can mean alot! LOL ( What do I know really!!)

    so i take your vote as Sex, thank you ms. klara

  12. 3TOC said it all Sex is the most intimate form of communication that a couple can have you can be both deaf and dumb and if the sex is great it can be a great bond.

    good point kirima and another vote for strokez

  13. lmbao!!!!! I don’t know which is the worst… between the atrocious yellow jacket, the nasty haircut and the dancing….. there’s quite a bit going on.

    I’ll have the mind-blowing sex, please.

    good choice Xuxa, nothing ever beats mind-blowing Sex

  14. Strokes, then again when the strokes isha them days of twilight…maybe perhaps tunaeza learn kuongea? 😦

    stokez pekee there is no learning to zungumza, tough choice but glad to have you on our camp

  15. My mind already on the title, at first glance I though the name of the song was Tiga Keino. But Alas!

    Anyway, I go with communication. So long as we get intimate and communicate, I can get sex elsewhere. Kwani malaya watakula wapi?

    surprise here, bomseh choosing communication….

  16. communication is an azzz… iwonder why after you have kamatad strokes then uko baba johnny has gone limp.. thats when a chile thinks its the right time to talk about “US” f.*k THere is no “us” and they will no discusion about ” US” …

    comminication is good in the chase.. ONLY.

    LMAO, we should have a motto: there is no “us” after sex…

  17. I’ll go for communication. Sex is an art, can be developed, and for that you would need communication.

    you might have it wrong, communication is an art that can be ignored and comforted with great sex. think about it why would you even start talking about after a horrendous episode of strokez?

  18. yello jales and orange sandaks kuna vile some of us are really color blind.

    sex bila communication equals to no relationship

    relationship bila good sex = guaranteed break up….

  19. I shall add my two cents worth here. Sex can be improved or outsourced. So communication gets my vote.

    communication can also be outsourced, maybe not lakini you can have a shrink help you with communication.

  20. Me my choice has never been a secret: great strokes. Convo I can watch TV/ read a book! I even converse with myself! So strokes it is

    i like the certainty that you declare your position….welcome to the RIGHT side of this issue, settle down and get ready…

  21. so now you decided not to communicate? ama? ebu post.

    i was kidnapped the whole weekend, they have just released me…will post a lil some later

  22. Man, talking/cuddling after sex really irks me so I must go with great sex mos def…plus great sex, in my mind, is the epitome of in synch communication!

    Amen Q! now if all the ladies knew that great sex is what they have been searching for instead of communication…

  23. hmmn
    3N, interesting post!
    Kamata Vs Listen2me_bamb_!!

    No [us] after [sex]____JustTooCool 3N

    b4 i drop my vote, i’m guessin your last Kamata_Session was off the hinges!!

    And it must be getting better!!

    What 3TOC sed was so close to home, it helps improve/mess up the COMMUNIQUE

    But it is worth it….
    just imagining….


    I’m with the SexY SeX!!!!

    good choice

  24. Tough, I will say…the chow…No, the communication. F*** communication the chow or is it the communication……..

    i take it you say ‘chow’….

  25. now this communication is not sexy anymore- ebu update

    hi watu watatu hakuna mmoja wao ameskia mambo ya patience?

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