Would someone please tell me what’s the point of flavored condoms? Like tangerine or lemon or strawberry or whatever.

It’s not like a jamaa was busy in sesssion when his chikita stopped him and asked: ‘is that pina colada?, it sure does feels like it…you know very well i only like tangerine, just stop…please just stop’.

Unless any chikita can claim differently, the 3N CD Research Institute has not found any conclusive evidence that flavors are necessary in horizontal Olympics.

Onto less fruitful things…

I have been firing blanks of late and trust me not in the terms you are thinking….{at least i hope not} but blogwise. I can’t come up with anything to write; or at least anything i deem postable. I mean I have a lot of shit always up there most of which is better left to rot in my brain – not for any reason other than it is not ideal for public consumption.

I often fear my brain will one day shatter open coz of the crap stored. Or I will go wire and be one of those local waguruki’s who walk around repeating the same phrase.

And I pray to God the phrase better be “hey girl, you look lovely today…where are you off to” or something close to that.

No one wants to repeat “four times four divided by five is fifteen…is it? no I am wrong, its zero..ha ha ha ha ha..” 23 times per hour on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Speaking of waguruki’s and firing blanks, is there any way of telling if you surely fire blanks or every man has to wait for the moment of truth – while trying to get someone pregnant. And how does the doc lay the news on you?

“I am sorry Mr. 3N, but it’s not mamawatoto, your soldiers are all disabled”

“But doctor, I swear no one in my clan has ever limped to the finish line”

“Mr. 3N i am telling you all you have there is rubber bullets, no killer, not even ONE!”

“Ok doc, but Ouch, SERIOUSLY OUCH!”

Random Thought:

Same Difference

What the fuck in God’s green earth is same difference? Is it same or is it different? It can’t be both? Its like answering yes-no…and expecting a reasonably logical human being to deduce something from your answer. it sickening.

But before I become too pissy and shoo shooo away your weekend mwenjoyos let me leave you with these kind words from the book of 3 Chapter N verses perv through erted:

the young man asked her “would you be kind enough to show me the place of warm waters”

and she replied “i have explained now too many times to too many young men and it seems I eventually have to take them: give me your hand I will lead you”

peace, people.

11 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. I have never understood the concept behind flavored condoms….

    I hear you on the same difference thing…what does that even mean??

    msanii ebu read below, you live and learn

  2. The flavoured condoms are used for Oral sex yaaaani when the chikita is giving you a blow job…… They will then be able to do the same thing they do with Lollipop….suck all the sweetness out of you…..

    Ngai fafa, hii dunia inaenda wapi?

    Same difference – If you have two different opionions with same arguement line, end result….there! same difference…

    kwenda huko Xs. read what you just wrote again and tell if it makes sense to you….

    Am still trying to decipher your ‘kind words’!

    ukiwezwa let me know

    Nice weekend Mr 3N – the blank shooter! LOL

    good weekend Xs and don’t swim drunk – it might be dangerous

  3. 3N bodies niaje niaje? naona izo random mazee…wah…sasa niseme?..lead on sister!

    flavoured prophylactics sasa apo ni kuongeza ladha kwa mchuzi wajua….sijui tena kuna ile ya lemon au…for a crisp bite…ouch! hihiiii!!

    jiwe amerudi naona, sema…na si unajua vizuri sana hakuna mmoja wa hizo 3 ehn’s ndiye musishana…

  4. the flavour is for oral sex…..wouldn’t mind trying that some day…oh yeah and that concept of same difference drives me crazy every time i hear it

    try it, good for your bones….

  5. En, Enn and Enny, that vibe of flavored condoms is interesting…si then we can make a vodka flavored one then hav cocktails…

    bana you are firing blanks…kwahivyo hiyo sio ball but an airbubble you’ll give your chick…LOL!

    well, what can i say…oral sex, BJ…it’s the same difference….

    LOL @ cd-flavored cocktails.

  6. Firing blanks? The doc has to confirm that. What I’ll confirm for you is uguruki. Umeshatupa mbao tene.

    I understand flavoured condoms are only of the male type but correct me if I am wrong. So what happens when the man wants to give oral sex down the deep salty lake? What is man supposed to sprinkle? Aromat? Anything in the market yet?

    good question, the salty lake syndrome (SLS) is often solved by common household items such as whip cream, strawberry, chocolate, swirls, etc. you will need to invest in disposable linen. i am certain the guy who came up with flavored CD’s for men is a millionaire, so you know what feasibility study I am working on.

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