CockRoaches and Rucy


There is a reason that Cockroaches are some of the most ancient insects; wise men of scientific nature have shown in fossil records that cockroaches relas have been around, virtually unchanged in appearance, for over 350 million years.

And I am quite familiar with the behavior of cockroaches having just moved from an apartment where we shared some of our living areas with several of their family members. These characters even once tried to extended my lease when I was away for a month….

A peculiar observation I made is the behavior of the male cockroach, a cunning individual I must tell you.

You see the male cockroach is smaller in size in comparison to the female species. This allows the male cockroach to mate with one female and before she starts re-organizing her household to accommodate their children and a new husband; the male cockroach pulls a fast one – literally and escapes to the next escapade.

You cannot imagine how many male cockroaches are reportedly wanted for child support….


I have decided to nickname my 3rd rated auto vehicle, Rucy. This is after accepting that Rucy has tendencies that only the Standard Team can explain. I do understand her normal problems such as swallowing petrol at an alarming rate or her air condition unit only working during winter; but not her recent behavior.

The other day I go into the mall to buy a last minute item before flying out for a pal’s wedding and then to come back Rucy refuses to start. I spent 45 minutes pleading with her….explaining to her that my online ticket contained no clause for a refund. Eventually she felt mercy on my wallet and started in good time to cater for the long ques at the airport.

Then Rucy chooses yet another critical occasion to misbehave. As I was moving she waited until i had packed her full then she remembered that she doesn’t work well on Thursdays at around 7.30 pm (up to today i honestly suspect she didn’t want to move away from her favorite parking spot – she has always been sentimental). Once again i had to get on my knees, pray hard as I poked every part of her engine until she came back to life.

Perhaps soon I will take her to an auto doctor for a checkup. I am weary though she might be acting up because the general elections are coming soon and she fears I might abandon her for another first lady – which I am considering by the way.

With an Asian lady in fact – but Rucy do not take this as a threat. If you promise to behave I will take good care of you and drive you until your odometer reads “‘SERIOUSLY?”

Other Thoughts:

If the Democratic party fields an Obama/Hilary ticket shouldn’t the Republicans automatically offer Condolesa Rice since she is both black and female?

Which is a bigger joke, Kenyan MP’s awarding themselves 1.5 million as a go away present or Moi, Biwott and the likes of Martha Karua / Musikari Kombo working together to get Kibaki re-elected? Do either of them have shame oro even an ounce of rokofe??

Lastly, which is the easiest almost legal way for a not so young man to cross the bridge from working for the man, to being the MAN. The not so young man I speak of will consider all viable advise as long as the maximum penalty is not more than a few months at a blue collar hostage facility

9 thoughts on “CockRoaches and Rucy

  1. general elections za kumreplace first lady…ata mimi nina fikra kaa izo..wacha tuone kaa ministry of lack of finance wana cha kusema…alafu kuna wasee wengi ambao hawa macocroach have nothing on them…baby mamas kwa kila area code!! 🙂

  2. Which is a bigger joke, Kenyan MP’s awarding themselves 1.5 million as a go away present or Moi, Biwott and the likes of Martha Karua / Musikari Kombo working together to get Kibaki re-elected? Do either of them have shame oro even an ounce of rokofe

    all those MPS are thugs Both ODM na Goverment side…. F em

  3. LOL on the cockroach story reminds me how in main campus we guys were known as Roaches since we were always lurking around in Box (the womens hostel)
    Sure Ms Rice is the perfect candidate to face a clinton Obama ticket she would definately be the president with the nicest legs.

  4. Yaani am still shocked those guys actually passed that Bill (Yaani when it comes to there bellies, they really dont care & can get really mean) They are all thugs & I would vote all of them out if I was able to…

  5. Yes Kirima – ROACHERS we were!

    Dude, let hack something and i dont want to in that blue collared facility – i’d like to maintain my virginity!!

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