Your girl gotta a girlfriend

Lyrics by Ray-L

I just got off from work
its 1:30
I’m kinda hungry
plus i know my girl lonely
Goin back to my crib
its kinda early
Surprised my girl because i know she waitin’
I opened the front door
I hear moanin
Fa real somebody
I’m finna kill somebody
Then i get closer
i hear groanin
Bust in the door and see my girl wit a chick
Thats when i know that
My girl gotta girlfriend

So that is the storo, you find your chic is with another sexy girl in your bedroom…and they are not just putting on make up, gossiping or doing whatever else girls do together in bedrooms or bathrooms.

They are engaged in some heavy petting that would even make the pope question – for a minute – his whole ‘life without sex’ decision.

Your girlfriend is cheating, but with another mama. What to do, what to do?

19 thoughts on “Your girl gotta a girlfriend

  1. For the record the song is trash….

    entranced?? or you just join sura ya kazi?

    i agree song is trash but the question beckons

  2. heheheh yaani still encountering mamah’s who play for the othe team?

    seriously not personal, which team are you on…lol

  3. I’d talk both of them into a threesome. Shoot me people.

    thinking along the same line…but only if its not a serious doze otherwise no one wants to marry a chile who might leave you for another chic

  4. Of course you lay hands on both of them………………..IN PRAYER.
    And when she says, “it’s not what it looks like”… best believe it isn’t!

    you had me at ‘you lay hands on both of them…’

    Somebody please, stiop XS from commenting here already.

  5. I wasn’t thinking in terms of a longterm gal. Damn, if that is the case I run for the hills coz once someone tastes honey, sugar ceases to be sweet.

    oh, kaa ni temporary strokez then more power to her and her girlfriend.

  6. Ati what to do? Ala si you join IN and ask Qs later? Keke

    LOOOOOOL Ati i should be stopped from commenting here? Haiya? Nikiiiii weee maaniiii

  7. Either they let you join in the fun or they both walk. But even if they do let you enjoy the strokage, descend on said woman and slay her back into straightness.

  8. And yes 3ToC – hands should placed on both – probably a little spanking will do – am sure they will be saying the prayerss……

  9. after joining them, later you exert revenge and you do the same, cheat on her with ana’a chick…hehehehe…revenge will definitely be sweet. it had better.

  10. This song is funny. It’s strictly for entertainment obviously. And reguardless of what her sayin..He look good and the beat is bangin!

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