The L Word

I have been accused of the one thing I never thought I would be accused of, mamawatoto says that I am lazy to blog. Ati story zangu siku hizi zinaboo.

She is ulizaing if there no mamas out there tempting to inspire one of those ‘useless 3n posts’?

ati “Kwani you haven’t thought of another threesome” – her words.

Anyway i really beg to differ, Alicia Keys and Angelina Jolie still continue to dominate mahanjaams vibaya. Wachaneni na yeye ni wivu tu.

si baadaye basi…

11 thoughts on “The L Word

  1. Way to go mamawatoto, 3N you are my boy lakini have to admit mamawatoto is a bit right. you are left to redeem your name. that 3some tell us more.

    i redeemed my name over the last few days, now the house is in order — well until another 3some idea comes to mind.

  2. I saw you and mama watoto banjukaing at Fuzions. I guess u r in good hands. Wacha mambo ya blogging.

    see now udi, you have gotten me into shidas, she is asking who i was banjukaing with at fuzions.

  3. I have been gone, so I cannot even tell you vile you have become a bore in my absence. ;). Perhaps my latest post will make up for your boringness (sic)

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