Another Quickie

Is there any reason why Indian will involuntarily shake their head during a conversation? Its like they have a spring board and once in a while it jukes and you just see a kichwa do a ka small side to side shake — like a bobble head. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this mystery

I am reading that political parties in Kenya will spend in excess of 5 billion shillings in campaigns! There is no better time to get yours but the next 2 months. If you see a presidential aspirant or MP candidate, shake him or her until a few thao’s drop — once they are elected they embark on a self feed program for the next five years. The time is now my people.

Happy Friday everyone, please tip your bartenders and pretend all this is hearsay.

12 thoughts on “Another Quickie

  1. LOL i work with some chuts from Chennai, the head bobbing & their accent kills me all the time…… funny thing they nod when they mean to say NO and shake head when they want to say YES….

    Hear Hear….Friday njema pia wewe!

  2. that remains a mystery…i have not seen it with the ones i work with, maybe it has only to do with dukawallahs? 😀

  3. we wacha muthii kwani ha wahindi wako ni fake? wametoka china niniii?

    i have a theory, maybe hawataki watu waangalie ndani ya you know eyes and soul theory, so if he’s conning you huwezi look him in the eye…LOL!

    mazee tusipodosika saa hi n chapa ya campaign, hatutawai…

    nice furahiday to you en, enn and enny…enn60.

  4. I was with shaija patel,the so called kenyan poet here in durban last weekend…Pilato says habari to this sita, she just shakes her head…Wtf…Homeboyz want to create a scene juu ati kama ni mkenya mbona she can’t converse in swahili, i stop them but next time she better do more than just the nodding…Am just about to tip the waiter, who knows maybe nitaangukia hizo vitu

  5. Last sato pilato was with this indian cum kenyam poet here in durbs-shailja patel..Me say habari, she just nods east and west..Wtf am hurt but then what to do,.Waiters..Me broke..Just got enough for me..Maybe when tomorrow comes

  6. Lol at the Indian thing,while i run off to stalk my MP cos his pockets look heavy all the time 🙂

    Bartender and all waiters sufficiently tipped…

  7. i know where to get campaign dosh and am gonna get it!!

    aki that shaking of head is so true..and you know they nod no to mean yes and nod yes to mean no…aii..mystery kweli..

    i missed this place 😀

  8. well, from my observation, it seems its only Indians from the South of India who have this tabia! It is kinda cute, maze I can do the best Indian accent ever, including the head shake.

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