Al Gore….REALLY??

Update: Thanks to Majonzi here is an article that sheds more light on Al Gore’s undeserving credential for his Nobel Peace Prize.

Not hating but lets recount.

Al Gore was vice president for 8 FREAKING years! What did he do about global warming? He campaigned to be president of the US, was GW on his campaign agenda?

Maybe the Nobel committee gave him a pity prize for being bullied out of the White House by George Bush and the republicans. That is the only explanation I can think of.

Gore picked up GW perhaps as a retirement activism hobby and several years later, he wins the NOBEL PEACE prize.

As in the same award that Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi and Wangari Maathai won. People who dedicated their lives for a cause for humanity and then AL GORE after less than a decade of work and a movie he gets it?

What is this world coming to?

They should have split the award between Mr. Gore, Hollywood and the Media. My bet is on Oprah next year — remember she built that girls school in honor for Mandela, that will surely get her in.

Moving on….

Would someone tell ODM that majiboism would divide Kenya and not ‘create an equitable sharing of national resources’?

In addition, who tells them that Kenya, Germany, US share the same social dynamics and a political system working in the US and Germany would work in Kenya?

I swear if Raila becomes president and tries to install federalism in Kenya…

Let us just move on again…

I urge Kenyans please vote wisely and vote for whomever candidate you think will take Kenya to greater heights.

As for me, and my one vote, I will exercise my right and steer away from Raila and ODM.

10 thoughts on “Al Gore….REALLY??

  1. I think “An Inconvenient Truth” is worth the Nobel Peace prize. It may not measure up to akina Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi and Wangari Maathai, but comes close.

    I have to confess I haven’t watched the documentary….I will. I have my doubts though that any movie would be worth the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe an Oscar.

  2. its not just the movie. Al Gore has worked for a long time, since he was in college on environmental issues. Although, the US still refused to sign the Kyoto protocol when Gore was in office, he aggressively pushed for it (apparently, the Senate opposed it massively, he got no votes in favor of it). As vice president, he did symbolically sign it.

    Read some on the old man, and you will find he has been very pro-environment, tangu the 70’s.

    Of course An Inconvenient Truth, seriously boring movie, but very educational, brought the issues of Climate Change to the common mwananchi.

    And no, he should not run for president.

    ODM– ehh, bilaz!

    (I promise I am back this time 🙂 )

    glad to see you are back Majonzi. I will read more on Al Gore’s activism in Global Warming. I still refuse to believe he did all he could during his VP years to push for Kyoto and raise awareness. I believe at that time he was more concerned about being the next US president. And if this is true then his dedication pales to other worthy Nobel Peace Prize winners.

  3. It is hard to determine who deserves the nobel prize the most but even me i just heard about it after he retired as VP.

    As for ODM, it will win the elections so just be prepared to have Raila as president.

    and how does one prepare? are there therapy sessions planned in Jan for some of us, lol.

  4. I have to agree with you on Gore! He is on to a good thing in spite of the US not signing the Kyoto protocol but I don’t think he deserves the peace prize.

    ODM may win the election but my vote will not be theirs.


  5. Remember them day’s when all Nairobi MP’s were opposition and MO1 used to attribute to all the mess(garbage,bad roads) in Nairobi to it being led by the opposition?

    With Federalism it will be very easy for the goverment to lay blame on all the mess in a certain region on it’s leaders while insisting that the areas from where the goverment friendly leaders are from are well developed…Now you see where ODM is going with this??

    I think ODM strategy is misguided and will definitely be divisive in Kenya. Let us all pray!

  6. I think you are a bit too hasty to dismiss Al Gore. I think he deserves the Prize and he has been consistent in his environmental campaign even in the 70’s when most people didn’t even understand what global warming is. It is not also true that as vice president he didn’t do anything you have to remember that all pro-enviroment legislation was being blocked by the Republican majority in congress.(ps it is Bush who opted out of Kyoto)

    I have got ‘An inconvenient truth’ DVD and it is highly educational even if a bit alarmist but the truth is that at the rate the CO2 levels are rising some action is required but Bush and his cronies have adamantly refused to do anything about it this Nobel Prize should be a smack in the face of the oil greedy Bush/Cheney axis. I don’t think however he should run for president.

    I am with you Kirish on smacking oil greedy Bush/Cheney. But still not sold on Al Gore deserving the Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. here’s a trick on reading that article that you have to subscribe to read!! Do a search on google, for “The Real Al Gore”. And then click on “cached” and voila!!! 😉 😀

    thanks a lot majonzi. this article is so damaging to Al Gore’s profile I don’t even need to write anything else on him. My whole argument is that Gore is a politician first before an activist and as such he does not deserve to win the peace prize over other credible candidates. History will be the judge. cheers

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