We need to talk….

We do, about what?

Nothing serious but we need to talk.


No, later

Is it about last week…

What about last week?

Oh, nothing

If it’s nothing then why did you bring it up?

Well, i thought you were talking about what I said about Ayanna

you know, that she flirts too much and….what kind of name is Ayanna anyway?


You said she is a slut!

I didn’t necessarily say that

“she gets around” what’s that?

You know i didn’t mean to…

(interrupts again – a good thing)

didn’t mean what, you call my friend a slut and you expect me to just keep quiet, or is it because she stopped seeing Jim?

You mean stopped sleeping with him?

She only had sex with him once and now he brags to the whole world

Once, twice, 24 times, hard to keep count


Anyway, all I said is she is a serial dater

A what?

S, E, R, I, A, L. D, A, T, E, R; Serial Dater?

And say she dates a little more than most, does that automatically make her a slut?

well, maybe not but you will agree it does show slut like tendencies…

Just coz some of your friends can’t handle an independent woman doesn’t mean she is a slut

sorry then, I meant to say independent not slut.

oh, there you go again with your lame sarcasm

What now?

Don’t chastise me!

Honey, I don’t really think that’s the correct usage of the word chastise?

Oh what is it…Genius?!

Never mind….I thought we were supposed to ‘TALK’?

And you think I am in the mood to talk to you now?


I can’t fucking believe you sometimes.

Me neither.

you think you are being funny, ha?

A little, I have been working on my material

14 thoughts on “We need to talk….

  1. na unabidii, you actually got that far? teh moment i realise i’m on the losing end (which we always are) i back down…coz 18 months down the line she’ll remember word for word…you, will have to return to your blog to remind yourself

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