just breathe

I have been thinking hard lately about several issues in life. Random issues like the way it rains on Friday afternoon while it was sunny the whole damn work.

Or how they have those little tu soaps and lotions at hotels as if one automatically becomes smaller once they check in…

Anyway, my preoccupation over the last week has been on breathing, and how this familiar phenomenon affects all of us and to that end I have managed to short list the top five reasons out of a possible twenty-three (hence the two weeks) on why we breathe.

1. You know, to stay alive and other issues related to that…

2. There is no alternative. We don’t know how not to breathe.

See no one has held their breath long enough to find out what it’s like to stay permanently without breathing. And those who tried successfully have not been able to recount their experience to us for some weird reason…

3. Its fashionable…tell me, would you rather have a Nano, a black berry or be able to breathe for the rest of ya life, see?

4. It is free. Can you imagine if we had to pay for breathing like electricity or cable? People would be skipping days in the week to save money.

There would be breathing plans, Oxygen sales…

People would be on $49.99 unlimited breathing plans with free nights and weekends or others would choose a pay as you breathe plan;you only pay for how much you breathe.

Countries would go to war over oxygen.

5. Last but definitely not least, breathing is Sexy!

Just breathe in and out a few times and tell me it’s not the sexiest thing you have done in a long time.

Try this line sometimes, “hey gal, i like the way you took that oxygen out of the air and twirled it around and breathed in so sexy, damn gal, you breathe like an angel…”

It works…sometimes.

12 thoughts on “just breathe

  1. 3N, step into my office sometime, you need a consultation and yes, it will be free.Oxygen will be on the house.

    Don’t stop breathing, all those who stopped didn’t live to tell the story.

  2. What did you inhale before writing this post? (clinton 1992)
    You know it is impossible to hold your breathe to death!
    Nooooo! That lame line will not work on any living (breathing!) woman I know. LOL!

    that lame line will work, a chile will at least be intrigued to find out what you have smoked

  3. my dear nikii LOL ama its midweek malaise. Ok then take a deep breath and relax.this reads like an influenced post.

    it’s 2 weeks of hard thinking, wacha you see what I am working on now

  4. LMAO….it works, sometimes!!! TIHIHIHIHIHI!

    Aki…una vuta nini? Pun intended!

    Next week….swallowing saliva!!

    i swear Mocha you have inhabited my comp, how did you know about the saliva post?

  5. ///have been thinking hard lately about several issues in life. Random issues like the way it rains on Friday afternoon while it was sunny the whole damn work.////

    lol that intro is thara …… you thinking too much..!

    first time I have been accused of overthinking.

  6. 3N nini is going on in that head of yours. Ati breathing is sexy!
    You need to go on holiday-to Kenya! Kula kuku choma and party hard.

    you stare long enought into the light and all sorts of thoughts cross your mind

  7. LMAO dude this here is some serious thought! i can see mama watoto really did challenge to up ur game….more more interesting blog tafadhali!

    Alafu am thinking si the same can be said about Shelling? The line i dont see working is this line ‘hey gal i like the way u avhiliad that dump….’

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