President Raila & Kaz

Due to a certain possible eventuality, I am starting an internal process of practicing such terms as “President Raila” or “Kenya’s Prime Minister, H. E. Raila Odinga”.

I will definitely need to seek therapy for at least six sessions immediately after Jan 1st if Ida Odinga gets to choose the State House curtains come January 08.

And its not like I have anything against Raila personally, nothing at all, it’s just that minor issue of him being Kenya’s president and me thinking it’s a bad idea. Other than that Raila seems like a good mzee and I wish him the best. Just not with the presidency.

Anyway let me not bore you to sleep with siasa plus there are more pressing issues on my mind as I try to skip a ‘pee & shit’ post as Mocha predicted.

Have you heard of Kaz’s nude pics expose starring Kenyan celeb Kaz and some nude photos? Apparently the poor gal allowed a dude to take nude photos of her and cannot believe how the dude would be so inconsiderate and morally corrupt to forward those pics of her online?

I almost feel bad for her — poor child, it saddens me anyone would do this .

Anyway since the pics are already in rotation there is no need to cry about it, instead let’s examine a few things on this, shall we?

To start with, I had only read of this Kaz celeb on pulse so she should actually give thanks to the pic forwarder for elevating her celeb status. I can now finally put a naked body to her name.

And even assuming it’s her on the photos; why should she feel embarrassed and or ashamed? She seems like a nice person and according to my brief observation of her, she has the right characteristics of a girl who would look good naked {Aco et al, please forward the alleged pics to my inbox, it is my journalistic duty to verify this story}.

Anyway, what Kaz should do is turn this against the bastard dude who took and forwarded the pics. She should start a charity and donate all proceeds. Maybe do a sequel photo session this time with a 15 min video to empower other young ladies who may want to pose naked but are held back by the fear of their naked pics finding their way to 3N or Xs inbox.

Set an example to the young ones, start a movement, do something…anything but DO NOT let the bastard win.

And I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to you ladies but turns out guys can’t wait to forward naked pics of chilez to their pals…

So before engaging in a zero article of clothing photo session, please beware of the photo taker’s intention. You might trust them at that particular moment but keep in mind divorce rate is at 50% and most relationship end before getting to the marriage phase.

And should worst comes to worst after you have posed for such photos and one day you receive an email forward with the subject line ‘Naked Kenyan Chic’; open the email cautiously with your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

46 thoughts on “President Raila & Kaz

  1. why oh why would I want pictures of me naked, now someone else having them???????!!!!!!!!!!!If those photos weren’t taken when I was a kiddo by my parents, it’s naada.

    Lakini I agree with you, Kaz needs to turn this one around and make the most out of it.

  2. Yenyewe those pixs have not hit my inbox yet…lakini nimeziona….someone gave a link @ Aco’s post…..but there’s nothing to write home about (read: BORING)

  3. first I dont understand your Unxplained fears for a raila presidency… it baffles me to say the least. I just dont get it. all my kyuk drinking buddies have the same thing . and am like why ?and mind you this are guys who we go long long back high school. this are guys we work in corporate america with and we share the same demographics with but when it comes to politics… damn their arguements just dont add up at all … well I guess if in my next life I become a kyuk I might understand this raila phobia ..nways as things stand ..a Raila win is inevitable.subject only to the forces of nature or shoting himself on the foot

    for good old kibaki.even Kibakis own advisor Mutahi Ngunyi has put it out there that General Kiguoya is headed home and no miracle can save him..

    As he faces the electorate, the President is patching up the damage his rogue ministers have done. This has triggered a backlash that political watchers warned about, but which went unaddressed until the unflattering opinion polls.Unfortunately for him, most of the damage control he is combating has to do with his ministers’ actions, which portrayed them as a cabal of arrogant and hegemonic tribalists who are bent on keeping power amongst its own inner cabal.The greastest headaches are Martha karua and michuki. no lost love for those 2 people in government…

    funny thing is when you expect kibaki to learn he just doesnt learn !! a good example is the appointment of members to the ECK board…By unilateral and lopsided appointment of electoral commissioners, Kibaki has just commited a political suicide

    You can prove me wrong but he will Not renew Samwel Kivuitu term.. and once again give the opposition a load M16 rifle with an extra box of ammunition

    however history will judge kibaki fairly..tumetoka mbali sana ..we must give credit for the Economic growth!! There is absolutely NO QUESTIONING the fact that Kenyas economy has experienced a strong resurgence in the last 5 years. Those who refuse to recognize it only do so because they beleive they cannot develop a compeling argument against the Kibaki regim without negating it.

    The question is has this growth benefited mwanachi or just the elites?
    Does the average kenyan have a better overall quality of life, in Nyeri, Nyaza, NE or wherever?
    Has the economic system opened up opportunities for the average kenyan to become more empowered and wealthy?

    Economic growth which doesnt benefit the people is not progress it is the status quo. The Kibaki regime must answer these questions and showcase the proof. If they cannot and do not show that they will continue and spread the wealth and development more equitably they will fall,

    fair the well Emilio Stanley Mwai kibaki

    I have read and understood but still dispute part of your argument. This claim that the common mwananchi is not benefiting is not correct. If a person is able to save money by not paying school fees and then turn around and sell their produce or milk at good prices, how is that not a common mwananchi benefiting?
    What worries me about a Raila presidency is his eagerness to make radical changes. Kip do you honestly believe that majimboism is the right system for Kenya?

  4. ooh you mention raila and i forget about the nude woman . sijui kaz. nairobi celebrity.. …. first who is kaz ? keep hearing about her and personally if google can pull you up with some decent amount of information …. I dont think theres anything to her name and looks and career to write home about…

    ok the pics… I dont believe the pics of the so called kaz we accidental BILAS!!no one exposed them its a well creogaphed move aimed at some cheat popularity….

    her claim is that they should have been kept private. its a rule of thumb not to pose for naked photos unless you are undergoing a medical procedure. poor gal.

  5. Am with 3toc there is not enough love in the world that will cause me to pause naked for my sweet mr.gish heck no! My worry is what to explain to the people close to me all the same i hope she can ride this one out.

  6. I have googled and the Kenyan Kaz is not in the top three result pages. Someone unleash the real link. The link at Mochas is not opening.

    Anyway, who is this Kaz?

    Kaz is a kenyan celeb, i think the only clothed photo of her online is on an old pulse

  7. OK. now the link has opened but I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Si it’s her body.

    the fuss is that she didn’t want the photos to be passed online

  8. To be honest . I am not for majimbo ..Despite all the reasons given by ODM . I am still skeptical about it i feel it will practically break the country. lakini I like the Majimbo proposed by ODM-k ie economic federalism Not Political federalism.

    One major credibility issue I have is that the proponents for Majimbo have been the same lot who were allegedly behind land clashes (ala Molo, Enoosupukia etc and I am looking at guys like Ntimama and co).

    I think / feel that Majimbo can go very badly. Some of those supporting it do not even understand what it might mean in practice could raise many more queries about Majimbo.I think that this Majimbo thing should be approached carefully and we know politicians are not the britest of people. A Bomas would be a good start for discussion. The bottom line is there is nothing additional that will be achieved from Majimbo that cannot be achieved from existing structures with some improvements (eg making MPs more accountable to CDF expenditure, increasing the CDF kitty, etc).

    Kip, I couldn’t have put this better myself. I feel that Majimbo will draw physical boundaries along tribal lines that will only accentuate tribal divisions in Kenya. What the next government should do as you mentioned is utilize tools such as CDF and concentrate on ridding Kenya of high level corruption.

    The devil is in the details. Chances is it is not really workable (remember we tried a form of federalism at independence, who remembers the senators? What was achieved, nothing! it could not work) Instead of trying to cement leadership mediocrity by promoting mini states, shouldn’t we be looking at ensuring economies of scale and the entrenchment of statehood are achieved

    however that said.. we must start somewhere and the first step is kicking out PNU and the set of opportunitist that are hanging on kibakis good name to continue the dominance of the coutry’s resources .. I was angered again By miniter Raphael tuju who was on record for telling people to take sick people off the drip to go vote and then back to the hospital and if they die ,,at least they have voted!( YES! Tuju said that over this weekend while in nyeri check KTN videos) so am like is that really how far a they can go to get votes???

    Kip in there lies Kibaki’s problem. When people like Tuju utter such nonsense they are negating any positive outcomes that Kibaki’s government has achieved. I still believe that Kibaki should be president but he needs to clean up his cabinet and get rid of corrupt individuals and arrogant ones like Michuki. If he remains the president he should use the same mantra of Government of National Unity and pluck talents such as Prof. Anyang Nyong, Ngilu from the opposition.

  9. 3n

    I can also give you another school of thought of how Devolution can really work well for our regional development just like CDF’s 2.5 % Has done to a lesser extent.

    In the current system, our national resources all over the country are being allocated at the whims of those in power without due regard to the interests and need of the local people. ( kibaki districs . kibaki universities kibaki sijui what else he dishes out nowdays just like his the other tyrant Moi !!obsolutely no difference..!)

    Kip, even though the wananchi might be frustrated with Kibaki and his men at times it is a stretch to say there is absolutely no difference between him and Kibaki. It would be dishonest for anyone to equate Moi with Kibaki.

    If you consider the fact that CDF accounts for only 2.5% of our National Budget and yet the impact on the ground is already being felt and that all major projects being undertaken by the Kibaki government in Kenya today including infrastructure development, roads and free education are donor funded then what exactly is the impact of the other 97.5%?

    so when you think in this lines .its very possible that if implemented well ..A majimbo system will give the people at the regional level the powers and resources to address these needs with the urgency it deserves.

    Good point on the impact of the other 97.5%. I think CDF is a good mechanism to affect economic growth and development at the ground level, doubling it and making targets to increase it to 10% in 5 years time.

    What I still do not buy is the importance of majimboism. If a government can ensure that each citizen has access to economic gains, why do we need to resort to a system that potentially could highten tribal biases in Kenya? Our current system is not perfect but it only needs updating not an overhaul of ideology from democratic capitalism to economic socialism as majimbo is aiming at.

  10. OOps! Kaz pics are disgusting. I almost puked when i saw the unshaved fattish pussy. Why is the pussy fat yet she is skinny? Yuck! it’s full of hair and her boobs are kinda sugging yet this chic is only 19 or 20. Pussy inakaa imechoka pia. Kaz pliz don’t lie to us U didnt want to be famous but yuck! The pussy is whack and everyone in my office said so.

    enyewe I saw those pics and I have the same feeling on her pinky looking off. now tell me which is this office that you guys had a chance to discuss Kaz’s nude pics — I want to work there

  11. am a good judge when it comes to nude unwanted pictures by the victim to be posted however am sending an appeal to whoever who got the pictures to send them to me and make my job easy.

    LOL your appeal has been answered, look below for the link to Kaz unwanted nude pics

  12. I am sure that this is not Kaz. A crazy guy or chick just used crazy comp programmes to put her face on that nude body. Kaz, Take courage dear, I am with you in this time of sorrow


  14. GET a life….

    Kenya is a free society and as far as most are concerned it is not a Christian state, but a secular state.

    Unless you want to make it a small version of Afghanistan,but with Christian views.

    Wachaneni na KAZ, welcome to the 21st century

  15. manze i’ve been looking 4 those pics 4 a month n i wish i never saw them yuck!enyewe they r disgusting. My advise-go n kill urself Kaz!!!n 4 da guy who took da pics-some more pls!!

  16. I jus hate the guts of that girl she is such a drama gueen.well, she claims it was by mistake but why would she pose for whoever it was NAKED? SHAME ON HER!

  17. oh my God that pussy luks weared,,,, kumbe kuwa celeb means that your must be dis gustin N-WAY KAZ kata hiyo senye upe dogi ,,,,, hahahaha

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