Modern Miracles

Exhibit A, the shoe:

Exhibit B, women feet:

Now someone please explain how exhibit B goes into exhibit A without injury to self.

17 thoughts on “Modern Miracles

  1. shall i say verry painfully?

    and then some will wear such high heels on a hot summer day, i know its sexy and all but women should know that men would never subject themselves to such pain

  2. i shall take it that the sharp V shaped part remains unoccupied?

    farmgal where did you come from? i thought i was first!

    yes aegeus the V part goes to waste. i wonder how many kondoos and ngombes women can help save by wearing normal shaped shoes…

  3. Us women (and our feet and shoes)can work miracles!!!

    ciiku, but aren’t those miracles too painful to walk in?

  4. Thats another mystery to add to great female mysteries such as how do you walk in 6 inch heels without stumbling?, how do you breath in a corst?, what can’t you fit into a handbag? And how can you manage to cook, knit watch TV and the baby at the same time. Yaani its all so complex

    lol @ what can’t you fit into a handbag — women world is too complex. they should have seminars for us to understand instead of punishing us for life

  5. Ford Foundation is offering scholarships to fund all manner of research programmes. Apply for one.

    I applied but it was being run by a woman and i said something about her hair and that’s as far as the interview went

  6. i also wonder.but the wise kikuyu man said >>mwendi uthaka dacayaga>>he who loves beauty never..erm…cayagas?gives up?
    even if it cuts off their has to go in, either way.

    now i have to research what caya means…there are some kyuk words that don’t have an equivalent.

  7. Right size…even then its hard coz science and research has proven that most of us have a foot that is bigger than the other.

    no way Mocha, I buy the same shoe size for my left as my right foot. what science research is this?

  8. I have asked the same question and ended up not owning even one similar to exhibit A.

    The pain is not worth it.

    i think women think it’s worth it, they don’t realize that men stare at shoes, clothing etc for 2 secs before getting back to the important stuff….booty, jugga jiggies, ummm….what else…..

  9. the shoes look big enough to me…u men should look more closely
    in any case, u don’t want us to start wearing some masculine shoes, do u?

    frankie, a pencil can’t even go through that tip…but good point, i urge women take the pain and keep looking sexy

  10. I am failing to see the problem here.What is it again? The shoes is supposed to be pink ama orange?!!!!

    What is the miracle, you turned a black shoe into a red shoe?

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