Desperate Candidate: Raila Selling Kenya’s Future

When I first got this memo in my inbox, I assumed it was the usual campaign propaganda but this story of Raial’s MOU with Kenyan Muslims has scared the senses out of me.

If you have not read it yet, I have posted the MOU on my old blog for your reference.

In the MOU Raila promises Muslims among other things a jimbo la pwani, authority on all religious matters, a Sharia Kenya…etc. In return, Muslims would overwhelmingly support him and campaign for his candidacy.

I just hope Kenyans now realize how desperate Raila is to become president. And after admitting to signing this MOU it leaves one to wonder what other agreements Raila has signed as he seeks the presidency?

Who knows what he has promised the US and the West governments should he be elected president in 2008?

It seems Raila’s desperation to become president is starting to catchup with him. Poll numbers are starting to reflect that Kenyans finally understand the uncertainty that would come with a Raila administration and will vote accordingly.

I have really tried before to be a Raila sympathizer giving him benefit of doubt on his “revolutionary leadership” campaign mantra; but now, I have no sympathy.

Its all systems go with Kibaki Tena; I even hope Kalonzo becomes Official Opposition leader.

How dare Raila sign such a memo promising to change Kenya’s into a Sharia country?

How dare he mortgage Kenya’s future for his presidency?

26 thoughts on “Desperate Candidate: Raila Selling Kenya’s Future

  1. who sent it to you?
    It is fake, but you know that already dont you?
    Raila is not that desparate for the muslim vote.
    If you want to know what ODM will do, then go read the Bomas draft.
    PS all changes to the constitution have to go through a referendum

    the MOU is not fake. Raila is desperate to become president and its good that whoever is president they cannot just alter the constitution without the citizen’s consent.

  2. Was it by a group calling itself LARA?? (Luos Against Raila)?, thats the one i got. I have never understood how Moslem’s want to have THEIR own law and courts?

    Yeah it was from that group — there are some issues there I think the person who wrote went too overboard trying to discredit Raila.

  3. 3N I cant believe you are actually that believe that FAKE MOU .So should i believe the 10’s of hate mail that I get in my inbox every day claim raila this raila that ?It’s shocking that people who claim to live the word of the truth would at the same time peddle such lies just to cause discord. This election is about issues. Corruption, tribalism, insecurity, unemployment, poor infrastructure and others. There is no way Kibaki will run around without answering these questions.

    its obvious PNU operatives are playing really dirty There is no such thing as fair in PNU Supporters when it comes to competition. The end justifies the means and that’s what they’ll continue to do.

    The Muslim MOU is one of the most vicious lies they have posted yet, but there is more to come. They will never stop until they strip Raila’s dignity from him.

    Kenyans want equal rights and that’s what Raila has promised Muslims, Christians, Kenyans with disability, youth, women, children etc. We just want equal rights.

    people should treating Muslims like second class citizens. Protect their rights because they’re Kenyans too.

    Reality is Raila will win this elections.

  4. you really are an idiot. Kenyans are a lot more intelligent than you think. we will not fall for your lies or any other fake MOU. like someone said above, we all know it is a lie. you are a disgrace you are an idiot you are a loser. oh and i wait to hear your thoughts on kibaki selling us to the chinese, to the libyans, to the iranians, to the ethiopians but you are probably to dumb to even know what deals i am talking about when i mention those four countries.

    I am not going to delete your comment so that others can see how petty minded some of Raila supporters are. Why not be like kip below and make a case for Raila?

    Even though I am an idiot and a loser I am glad as you said that Kenyans are a lot more intelligent than I think. In fact it is that intelligence that is guiding Kenyans away from Raila as elections near.

    Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if you argue the polls are being doctored now that Raila is losing ground while Kibaki and Kalonzo gain.

  5. 3N its true.Am a jaluo like raila but he has sold this nation already to the muslims.He has jeopadised this nation’s future.Let all kenyans beware that raila is peddling lies that put their future at stake!

  6. i think the kyuks are so desperate to the extend that they are manufacturing all sorts of lies and propaganda against undisputed next president of kenya. Raila will win this elections whether you like it or not. remember your voting strenght(read Mt. kenya chaps) is only 28%. who else do you think can vote for awfully selfish tribal fellows like you.

    have a good day.

    i will have a good day. what i do not understand Richard is why everyone is so anti Kikuyu. I have said before I don’t care what tribe our next president is but just because I do not care doesn’t mean I can’t look at leadership qualities that Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo have and choose to support Kibaki or Kalonzo instead of Raila.

    Are we saying that anyone who doesn’t support Raila is a tribalist??

  7. 3N we are living in very interesting times.
    Take everything you see and hear with a very huge teaspoon of salt and ask the necessary questions. Like is it even remotely possible that Kenya could make Coast a sharia state? When the rest of Kenyans are looking where?
    Remember in 2002 we were told if Kibaki wins there will be chaos and bloodshed. A little before that there was the multi party issue more chaos and bloodshed predicted.

    Propaganda is all over the place. I could share with you the more ridiculous claims I have received in my inbox but I wont.

  8. Yes you want us to belief the mou is fake.Why did raila deny it in the first,and why is he taking so long to to bring the genuine one in public.He must be producing the fake one so that he can give it to public.Sorry sir but the damage is already done.

  9. there is is an element of truth in the mou but again this is propaganda and is not necessarily good or bad ,true or false.whether kibaki or raila wins,things can only be better for kenya.i hope if raila wins he’ll realize,and his followers will also,that he’s the president of kenya,not of luos. for us kikuyus no matter how much people get irrational about us,things can only become better for us if raila indeed wins and rises above the petty expectations of some of his followers.may the best man for kenya win,mou or no mous with all and sundry.

  10. Why is everyone else afraid of leaving their blog url in the comments section and instead use fake names (fokojembe and co.)? Is it that they could be hypocrites and don’t want to be linked to their blogs? Anyway,mambo ya siasa nitawachia wanasiasa. Kenyans vote wisely and pray hard.

  11. This storo of MOU is not good at all. Raila is making so many promises some of which are just despicable.

    I shudder on the thot of a sharia country.

  12. last night in a interview KTN the man himself confessed to having signed and MOU with the muslim but he wasnt releasing its contents soon.he also denied ever claiming to support Kalonzo on his bid for presidency(kalonzo claimed he did)Raila also said he is trustworthy..personally i want to see that quality before ithink about voting for him coz frankly i havent seen it yet (he has rukad Moi kibaks and like to know how he defines trustworthy…)
    the way this politians are going at it we wont know who be the liar…just my two cents…

  13. I think fools will never end, how can someone back Raila on an mou which has been kept secret? If the circulating mou doc is all lies, why does he fear to publish the true copy? If this is not a true copy, then the true one must be a very dangerous mou and he fears to expose it. He’s now planning on how to edit it and lie to Kenyans about the contents.
    Dont be fooled, wake up and see the truth.

  14. Well, Let me bring this blog to an end. A fair end, having spent the last 1 hour going through the acrimonious debate of the M.o.U.

    My names are Harry. My mom is a Kyuk, my dad a Luo.

    I am half cast, and proud to be Kenyan. And i love both my parents.

    All i have seen above is two parent fighting in the same house while the son watches helplessly. Of the two parents, one is the propagandaitsts, the hate campaigner, the one with the power, who wont let it go at whatever cost. In this case my working dad (Kyuk). The other is my mom, who is capable, honest, hardworking and wants to show that he too can make a difference. Thats my luo mom. As a child i have to be pragmatic. Let the Gikuyu community wake up to the bitter reality. YOU DISLIKE RAILA. YOU CHURN IN YOUR STOMACHS OVER THE THOUGHT THAT HE MIGHT BE PRESIDENT. Wake up to the reality. RAILA IS THE PRESIDENT WE NEED. Lets give him a chance.

  15. Ooowiih!fello Kenyans,our future is at stake.Theres a truth in every rumour and so I dont personally dispute the truth of that deadly MOU!Reject it by allmeans,lets see the opinion polls this week.

  16. A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen. come january raila will be at pain to explain to muslim how come he did not win
    In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times. will be second time for majimbo and sharia law proponents

    There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion and hold your breath for the next one. it will devastate raila camp.


    This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made between Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga on one hand and the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) on the other hand.
    At the time of execution of this MOU, on one hand, Hon. Raila Odinga has declared to vie for the presidency of Kenya during the 2007 General elections. He has sought the support of NAMLEF in getting the backing of the Muslim community in Kenya to back him for presidency.
    On the other hand, NAMLEF a national umbrella platform of all leaders of Muslim organizations desires to see our country Kenya as a just, harmonious, peaceful and a prosperous nation based on good governance, constitutionalism and the rule of law, pro-poor policies, enhanced democratic space and where Kenyans effectively participate in shaping there destiny and the positive upliftment of the status and welfare of Muslims in Kenya and the correction of historical and structural injustices and marginalization meted on the Muslim through deliberate policies and programmes.
    In entering into this agreement, NAMLEF and the Muslim community in Kenya recognize the fact that president Mwai Kibaki’s government has meted out calculated, deliberate, unprecedented discrimination, intimidation and harassment of sections of Kenyans, including the Muslims. NAMLEF and the Muslim in Kenya desire to see an end to this.
    After due consultations, NAMLEF has arrived at a decision to support the candidature of Hon. Raila Odinga for Presidency during 2007
    In this MOU reference to NAMLEF is intended to include and bind all such persons who have authority to commit NAMLEF or work under its authority.
    This MOU therefore declares and commits Hon Raila Odinga and NAMLEF as follows. That:
    A. Hon Raila Odinga and NAMLEF agree to this MOU to take effect forthwith upon it signing
    B. This MOU is made to secure and cement solidarity and partnership between Hon Raila Odinga and NAMLEF constituency based on values of mutual trust, honesty integrity, transparency and good governance.
    C. This MUO is made in utmost good faith and trust between Hon Raila Odinga and NAMLEF with the common objective of transforming our country Kenya into a proud, prosperous and just nation, where all Kenyans live in harmony realizing their full potential without discrimination, subjugation or fear.
    D. NAMLEF shall:
    a. Declare support for Hon. Raila Odinga’s candidature for presidency.
    b. Support no other candidate for presidency for the 2007 General Elections.
    c. Mobilize the Muslim constituency countrywide ti support Honorable Raila Odinga’s candidature for presidency.
    d. Provide Hon Raila Odinga’s presidency with support and wise counsel.
    e. Maintain open links of communication during the presidency of Hon Raila Odinga
    E. Hon Raila Odinga shall:
    a. Embrace NAMLEF totally as his partner of choice In seeking the backing of the Muslim community, including access to and representation on all his presidential Campaign Organs.
    b. Upon successful election and serving as the President of Kenya:
    I. Continue to embrace NAMLEF as his partner of choice, providing support and sustain relations with it and the Muslim community.
    II. Accord NAMLEF both an advisory and partner role in his government on all muslin affairs.
    III. Embark on the radical transformation of Kenya to be as a just, harmonious, peaceful and a prosperous nation based on good governance, constitutionalism and the rule of law, pro-poor policies, enhanced democratic space and where Kenyans effectively participate in shaping there destiny through a genuinely devolved government.
    IV. Initiate, within the first year, deliberate policies and programmes to redress historical, current and structural marginalization and injustices on Muslims in Kenya. This will include the entrenchment in the Kenyan constitution provision that will outlaw the targeting and profiling of any Kenyan community (including the Muslim) and subjecting them to human rights abuses, violations and discrimination under the guise of whatsoever , as has specifically been witnessed by the Muslim community in the pasty. Specific action will include the setting up of a commission to inquire on deliberate schemes and actions of government, its agencies or officers, to target or interfere with welfare and social well being of Muslim in Kenya as citizens including rendition of Kenyans to Somalia, Ethiopia and Guantanamo Bay. Such schemes and actions will be put to an end and public officers’ responsible for the same named and held to account.
    V. Ensure equitable representation of all Muslims in all public appointments.
    F. NAMLEF as a credible national Muslim institution and Hon Raila Odinga as a dible national leader known for consistency, valor and statesmanship and vying for the highest position in Kenya Commit themselves to this MOU.

  18. Fellow Kenyans,
    Let us come together as one nation under God. Let us put aside our religious, tribal, political and social differences. Let us be optimistic for the sake of our future. We can make it if we come together. We can make it if we try! The future of our nation is not in the hands of Raila or Kibaki or Kalonzo or Pius Muiru or any other politician, the future of our beloved nation depends on entirely you and I! It’s possible! Close your eyes and take a moment to realize the huge potential energy in our hands. Think of maximum economic growth, five public universities in every district, good quality education with no child left behind, excellent health care for every Kenyan, safety and security in every corner of the nation and better quality of life for every citizen rich or poor, young or old, male or female. Let us come together and fight corruption, HIV, insecurity, illiteracy and above all, lets kick poverty out of Kenya! We can make a difference if we try, just you and I! It all lies in our hands. Think about it thoroughly and ask yourself, “How can I make a difference?”

    I am proud to be Kenyan
    God bless Kenya
    Yours truly,

    Yes we can all make a difference. But also we need to elect and hold to account quality leaders in government.

  19. Kenyans are yearning for true change like never before. They have endured over 40 years of oppression by the minority wealth. They have been patient but now, enough is enough! Kenyans stopped trusting in their institutions (read government) a long time ago. Government has been synonymous with oppression, corruption, theft, insecurity, inequality, and the list goes on and on.
    Majority of Kenyans now trust in people, not institutions. If leaders can bring change, are sincere and trustworthy, Kenyans will trust in them. If people trust their leaders it follows that they will trust their institutions.

    I will be honest with you Kip I trust no leaders in Kenya or anywhere else. I might mistrust some leader a bit less than the other but I do not trust any of them. Promises of no corruption, change, eradication of poverty etc fall on my deaf years. Too many times Kenyans have been fooled and I don’t predict that it will change with Raila being president.

  20. raila is selling kenya to be religious nation no alcohol sheria law .i refuse his leadership at all times kenya should vote wisely for the sake of our children and the peace of the country.God bless kenya AMEN

  21. the truth is: the mou released yesterday by raila is the fake one. what christians have been circulating is the real one. why was it kept secret for so long. coz they wanted to doctor it – to deceive us. please not that muslims have already expressed desire to make all africa islamic in the abuja declaration. Christians, of all tribes- fight on. God is on our side.

  22. You are a red devil to sell your birth right. Wakeup and know God has choosen Kalonzo. Luck of brain will give you Ishmail for Isaac

  23. You guys kikuyus have been fed so many shit about luos and raila, but now wether you like it or not raila is going to get the presdency and he is going to make kenya one of the best places in AFRICA if not the you better start getting used to the idea of raila being GODSENT! JUST SEE THE SUFFERING HE HAS GONE FOR THIS COUNTRY,THEN YOU WILL REALISE THAT GOD HAD A PLAN AND THE TIME IS NOW!!!

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