Authentic MOU with Muslims found!

It appears that after sorting out the hundreds of different MOU’s that Raila signed with different factions of Kenya ODM has have finally located the authentic copy Raila signed with Namlef / Kenyan Muslims.

My sarcasm aside there are a few questions to ponder on this MOU saga.

Firstly, if an authentic copy actually did exist from the get go; why did it take Raila and Namlef weeks to make it public?

And wouldn’t any leading presidential candidate want to dispel untruths about him by immediately countering political slander with honest truth, whenever it exists?

My conclusion is that this is mere politicking on both PNU and ODM. It would not surprise me that neither of the MOU published to the public is authentic.

PNU and its supporters probably learnt of the MOU and published a tweaked version of it to fit their anti Raila sentiments.

In return Raila, Namlef and their supporters reviewed and adjusted the original MOU to avoid backlash from the public and other religions in Kenya.

Whatever the case, perception is more important in politics than truth. And we shouldn’t expect Kenya’s political strategist not to stay awake trying to figure out how to manipulate and defame the image of their key opponents.

Unfortunately for our sake the truth remains hidden somewhere in their campaign propaganda.

8 thoughts on “Authentic MOU with Muslims found!

  1. He better not toa the one I made with him. I want to be made Minister of Blogging and Tusker. New Govt has to take care of the Bloggers

    LMAO. I want to be the assistant minister, I hear they do nothing and get paid loads of chumz.

  2. But you guys never bothered to check the authenticity of the fake one before supporting it. why do you want to check this one now i recall all kibaki supporters were all over the internet tearing into the fake MOU without bothering whether it was authentic or not, but now they want to authenticate the real one huh/

    Fact is the one PNU had out was a FALSE MOU and for us ODMERS if we survived that rumble and tumble with the whole “church”-(I CAN expound why i put church in quotes) up against Raila.. I dont see how else PNU propaganda will take us down.all through it all ODM survived it.

    I admit I never checked authenticity of the first MOU and I won’t check this one either. As far as I am concerned both of them are fake. On ODM surviving this, only the general election will tell. The polls are neck to neck with no clear leader (45 to 43 is a statistical tie given a margin of error of + or – 4%). Let’s wait and see.

  3. Stop the obvious bias.If i said lies about you, how is that politicking on your part? Lets be real kenyan patriots and call hate-mongering by its name.

    The politicking is by the people who made the FAKE MOU, spread fear and hatred among kenyans for political points.

    FYI, it is the muslim leaders, alone, on their own who released the AUTHENTIC MOU.

    why did he wait so long to say the truth? probably because of reactions like yours.SO FAST TO BLAME THE VICTIM


    two things, first it couldn’t happen to me because I am not vying for Kenya’s presidency. Secondly anyone would be naive to not think that Raila and ODM pushed Namlef to publish the “authentic” MOU.

    Yes it is hate-mongering but it is being done by both ODM and PNU. It is how politics works and the only victims are citizens.

  4. as an ODM supporter.. I infact think they have released it too early! they should have waited abit longer let the PNU GUYS Make fools of themselves completely….

    The real MOU has knocked the wind out of their sail — that is why they are angry. They were salivating for juicy, red meat, but what came out of the real MOU was so harmless, so innocent, they are thrashing about in anger for something to save face with.

    There is no promise for a Kadhi court; no Sharia law; no turning Northeastern province and Coast province into Islamic states in the real MOU as they expected. They are so ashamed and scared of the Muslim backlash they are now blaming Raila for waiting too long to reveal the real MOU.

    They are now screaming at Raila, “why did you take so long to reveal the real MOU,” “why did you take so long to reveal the real MOU!” Ha ha ha ha! It is as if Raila sent them to poke their noses into the MOU affair

    Serves PNU right..

    Kip, I wouldn’t go as far as “knocked the wind out of our sail” and I don’t think I am angry as a Kibaki supporter. For the record I care very little about PNU as a party.
    I keep telling you I don’t believe any of the MOU’s with Namlef published is real. If you had argued and rightfully so that the first one was fake, why then wouldn’t you have a doubt that even this one could be fake.
    And whether its fake or not doesn’t matter any more. What matters is how much it has or has not damaged either party’s campaign. I believe it has had much less of an effect that the media and us bloggers portray it to have.
    Bottom line is the campaigns are still on and I hope Kibaki retains the presidency.

  5. I think if a politician signs some MOU that will in effect affect the country. He should come out in the open with it. What’s there to hide? Why make promises that obviously (if it were not obvious he’d come clean) will not be accepted by the rest of the country.
    Nway I don’t really care alot about the politricks (M 2007)

    My point exactly. Why not come out with the clean MOU the first time? Farmgal you should care for politics it does affect your life and those you care about.

  6. PANUA had a field day building propaganda that went flying right, left and centre on the fake MOU, now we are demanding that the churches that decided to read to their congregation the fake MOU, swallow their humble pie and do the same with the Original MOU.

    No wonder Agwambo was quiet letting them empty all their absurdities and running around with empty debes framing stories based on nothing. Kibaki propaganda machine spent a fortune on this one alone but the truth shall set people free

    No more MOU propaganda, can PNU spin another one? Or build another propaganda based on the real MOU? Now y’all asking for the Real MOU I thought the original one PNU was spreading was the gospel truth according to PNU apologist.. what other Do you want.? ama its a case of shifting goal posts huh?..

  7. I think this controversy began and is continuing based on PNU lies on what a MOU really is. (Kibaki signed the same in 2002, was that one made public? ) A MOU is not a contract, its more like a statement/declaration of good faith between two parties.

    3N speaks, it is ok to say that you will vote for Kibaki for other reasons, after all the difference between Raila and Kibaki are as clear as day, but this MOU thing is just hogwash.

    What is sad about this is the way church leaders are exploiting this issue. They seem to forget that Raila is but one man and a politician at that! All these hatred and fear is what built Raila, and is only increasing his popularity!

    Chinua Achebe has a saying in “Things Fall Apart” that i paraphrase the cries of a mother hen when the hawk grabs her chicks only makes the hawk feel better about the meal.
    You see id the mother hen didn’t cry, the hawk fears there is something wrong with meal. If she cries he knows the meal is good

    Apologies for blogging on your comments section

    no apologies necessary. I agree church leaders are getting overworked over the MOU and the media & internet is contributing to the fire. There isn’t much to at the discussion of the MOU rather than propaganda and campaign mudslinging on both PNU and ODM. I guess the other church leaders are wondering why Raila did not approach them to get their support.

    In any case churches and religious leaders other than Pius Muiru should be neutral when it comes to politics.

  8. I suppose I came in a few days late for the discussion. To be honest, noone should be signing MOUs with any religious entities in Kenya. We already have one too many divisions, adding this to the mix does not help any. It all a political game, and frankly Kenyan politics are getting tired…. elections zifike already!!!

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