Self Service

1. Remove Noozle from your compartment

2. Open Hole

3. Insert Noozle into hole

4. Begin pumping

a. Jerk noozle if nothing comes out at first

b. DO NOT spill outside of hole

5. When finished withdraw noozle from hole and return to compartment

6. Choose a wash

7. Pay attendant and drive off.

13 thoughts on “Self Service

  1. ok, are u really talking about a gas pump?
    about the Raila Mou thingy, it is bad…where is the truth? let us just hope that it is elections propaganda

    si it’s a gas pump that people only Pump at, lol. On the MOU I believe it’s propaganda but I am surprised that politicians are entering into whatever agreements with religious leaders.

  2. Aki i swear, if you have partaken nt few drinks of not less 5% v.v, and look at that gas pump at another angle, you get understand what 3N is talking about! LOL

  3. ROFL! Context, is extremely important, i can only imagine what would have happened if your post was missing that all important illustration…


  4. Many service stations(Garages in SA) can make good use of your creative manenos..Atleast the slow type like Kip will be able to read the “how to use” lines before removing the pump from its compartment to pump some oily stuff into the hole..LMAO

    LMAO @ oily stuff into the hole

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