Rucy, Rucy, Rucy

“The MC had started introductions to kick off the ceremony, an annual tradition after the Jamhuri Day festivities, thus: “Your Excellency, Mr President, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui…”

But before he could continue with the introductions, the First Lady stood up from where she was seated and briskly walked to the MC, whom she slapped across the face.”

Story is here

Maybe the presidential race should be settled by a 5 round slapoooza between Ida and Rucy!

p.s. bado najivunia kuwa mkenya

11 thoughts on “Rucy, Rucy, Rucy

  1. and in position number one……………..anyone say otherwise and you will be the next in line for that slap.

    Jamani this mama…………………now the MC’s wife, how do you watvh your hubby being slapped and you can do nothing about it!!!!!!!

    People, sii respect is earned!!!! How now?

  2. Me thinks we should just sent that woman back to Othaya, I think our country can do without 5 more years of high level embarrassment that she’s caused in the last 5 years.

    If I were the MC, walahi I’d have slapped her back! (hehe, I wish!)

    Enny, if there was ever a “slapaloooza” (nini hii lakini?) between Ida & Karooocy, I think Ida would take this one. Have you seen the size of them underarms masquerading as triceps? Karoocy will be (wo)manhandled vi-proper kabisa.

  3. i have the rope, who shall hold someone down? that tree over there **pointing at a sturdy tree in the kibaki residence at muthaiga** shall be an exceptionally good place to tether her sorry self!

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