Nairobi, Nairobi

let me welcome myself home, Karibu sana.

i need no introduction to nai but I tell alot change in 2 years, traffic is hectic, pints are sweeter, a million bars, strip joints, scantly dressed mamas, haiya!

….now if only my boss could understand that in our culture you should spend half the time with your cucu as you were away from her

which according to my calculations I would  be back to work say June 09?

anyway happy holidays everyone, I will run into many of you here.

10 thoughts on “Nairobi, Nairobi

  1. maze 3n kumbe even you are Jamhuri .. me i fikad hukus on the 12th .. this city has changed.. but that vybe of ati kazi endelee .. its bilas ….. am even shocked if not suprized at how guys say ati kenya economy has improved.. its bilaz

    nways my makendes are in mombasa raha … back to vote in the great RV for one Amollo Odinga in 4 days…… kibaki arudi othaya….

  2. so this is why you were wishing me happy holidays mapemas… . lol, I heard on capital ati 75,000 people from the Diaspora have gone to vote for PNU in Kenya, and the jamaa making the announcement was the representative of the Diaspora. jokers!

  3. thanks everyone, I am now back in the states, sucks big time lakini there is only 11 months between the boadroom and I.

    happy 2008 kila mtu

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