A George Costanza Moment

A maintenance guy was just fixing air conditioning in our work area when he realized he needed access to the next office to do the ritual ‘climb up and stare at the pipes and come back down and declare everything is fixed’.

The problem is that the office next door is closed. He ponders on his next move then asks whether to check if the door is unlocked after which he will go in do his thing while being monitored by our temp / intern. No beef with that, the temp gives a go ahead.

But as the maintenance guy is opening the door, they hear movement under the desk….then all of a sudden a short lady pops up!

Surprise surprise, it’s the Human Resources administrator! Amazingly she had organized a make shift mini-bed and was deep asleep under the desk at 2:00 freaking pm during the day!

Her excuse, you ask? ”who is there, did you guys knock, uhmm… oh…I was just taking a 10 minute nap, I am so exhausted”.

True Story!

11 thoughts on “A George Costanza Moment

  1. HA ha….man i would die if i saw something like that for real……Hilarity!

    hilarity to the max, she is pregnant though so maybe she was actually exhausted, but even then!

  2. Did you guys confirm that she was alone there?? Kuuliza tu

    of course she was alone, who else could have been there? I mean its just her secretary who was there and all she was doing was rearranging books on the floor, LOL

  3. yes, endelea story…ehee, and the jamaa she was with….

    sorry to disappointed you Modo, but the only other person in the room was her secretary and she was just rearranging files on the floor….

  4. lol!

    She should be “promoted” to “under secretary” … she can be more “resourceful” there …

    LOL, she sure could apply her learned skills better ‘there’

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