What did Jesus really do?

Here is the premise.

Young man who performs miracles left and right is in the desert for 40 days.

No food, No Water, No Witnesses…

We know that Satan is a liar so if he says he offered JC food why would we believe him? In fact we are told not to believe anything lucifer says.

All I am saying is if I can turn desert stones to delicious kosher lamb….it might not be the fifth or sixth day but come day 17th I am looking at that stone from a whole different perspective.

Keep in mind how JC was proactive when he heard wine was running out at that wedding in Canaan? Well, I figure hunger would rank a tad bit higher on his Miracle Now list.

Enjoy Lent my friends.

p.s. I am not going to hell HE has a sense of humor. Otherwise how do you explain things like Michael Jackson, Veggie burgers, Kenyan politicians etc?

15 thoughts on “What did Jesus really do?

  1. you are not right in your head- ebu go get it checked out. you can not be making me laugh like this.

    i am glad to be of help

    you raise a good point though lakini sii he could have eaten what He is eating in Heaven- air. sii even these days yo can get suppliers of “air-time”.But sii He is the son of God, one of the three head- anything is possible even the 40 days and 40 nights bila chakula.

    just in case we laugh our way to hell, i am glad to have a partner in you, LOL

    p.s. and that stone just had to be turned into some lamb didn’t it?

    si you remember those pics in the bible, what were the shepherds shepherd-ing? Kondoo peke yake!

  2. “We know that Satan is a liar so if he says he offered JC food why would we believe him? In fact we are told not to believe anything lucifer says”

    3N – The bible says, not Lucifer says!

    What have you given up?

    I am giving up on hope, just kidding. So the bible says Lucifer offered JC food, I see…

  3. Yes you are going to hell!

    Hmmmm, strange but never looked at it that way! He never actually ate, did he?

    haiya, you don’t say that to a friend…I probably won’t go to hell. He never ate.

  4. I believe he stayed the 40 days without giving despite all the powers that he had, now that is self restraint and discipline something humans have no idea bout. Now about lent, as mshairi once said, am giving up on giving up i will instead take time to smell the roses.

    gish, si at least you try giving up something up before giving up?

  5. at first am thing this is one of thosen Jesus-take-the wheel-moment but there is hope….

    there is hope, Obama seems to think so…there is a brighter day tomorrow

  6. 3N …. this aside… your silence with the on goings in jamhuri is rather ierie…..speak your mind ..

    hey Kip, my silence has been purposeful, I believe the most pressing issue is to find peace and stop the mayhem that is going on in our country.

  7. 3n

    I think your silence is because deep inside you know or acknowledge That Raila won the elections but the status Quo could simply not hear any of that and whatever price had to be paid ..had to be paid .Well Life goes on . I was angry for along time But that anger is Gone. Now am just like. … all animals are EQUAL But I think some animals are more EQUAL Than others. BUT you are right The most paramout thing was/is/will be Peace.

    I see what you are trying and you know how opinionated I am on Kenyan politics but I refrain to discuss or debate any of it on my blog until there is peace in our nation.

  8. bomseh… lol no I have ghandhi like traits for now .. I Advocate for peaceful resistance..all I am just trying to get to know what 3N thinks and how he rationalizes the current Impasse!you know in blog sphere we have perfected the art of E-machetes , E-arrows ,E-burning of each other.. so this could be anice chance to get to know what 3N think…..

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