Obama Mania

Many have looked deep into Obama eyes and they have all witnessed something unique, something unworldly, politically alien even…

A Mahtmaish feel of togetherness and unity; an ounce of MalcomXism that brings to life the fighter within. Add a heavy dosage of Kennedyism, a charisma that has Oprah remembering her teen years and viola Barack freaking Obama!!

Consider this; Obama has managed to blind a majority white Americans into forgetting he is actually black. Ask Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson how daunting a task that is.

I mean, Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, even North Dakota for heaven sake! Obamicans — Republicans for Obama!

And don’t forget that this young man was an unknown skinny politician from Illionis barely 8 years ago.

But his star has risen like Exxon’s profit margins to put him squarely as America’s favorite son, a beacon of hope and most importantly the cool young dude who is running for the presidency with a lottery winner smile permanently carved on his face.

It sure is the land of milk, hope and honey.

Happy valentines America.

Love, Obama.

5 thoughts on “Obama Mania

  1. I am about to crash this party- so at the start of things I thought Obama didn’t stand a chance. And then we had the whole neck and neck thing with the votes and I then thought- gosh Americans can’t make up their minds- “are they ready for a woman president or a black president?” is this a case of “caught between a rock and a hard place”.
    And now I am like, “wot!” so everything is looking Obama. LAKINI…………..because I am a spoiler like that- I am like do they know what they are doing by putting Obama up front. He will be up against Mccain. And it will be a black and white issue then…………..is America ready for a black president? If he gets through it will be a turning point for the whole world. And why not? Condeleeza Rice , Colin Powells, Koffi Annan – all black all held powerfl offices- and the world didn’t crush.Maybe the time has indeed come.

  2. A couple of weeks ago Obama was in the cities. So we lined up for kedo 4hrs to get in to see and listen to him. I am telling you, I live in one of the whitest states, and one of the most educated ones at that. The lines went on and on. And once we got in and he arrived, it was a worthwhile experience. To be honest, I am an Obama supporter, but I am nothing like the zungs I saw in there. There were people crying and a couple fainted. His speech was an hr long, and most people were standing and clapped every time he spoke. (yes, there were 20,000 of us, and tickets, which were free, sold out in 24hrs).

    @3typesofcrazy– better Obama than Clinton to fight against the Repubes. See thing nothing can reunite them more than a Clinton (lol, I know what a pundit’s line). Anyways, McCain has been polite, I don’t know what the Repube Machine has on hand though 😦

    Wet blanket moment– what if he, Obama, is the Antichrist?

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