its that time of the year again….thanks to nakeel

Rules: Link to the person that tagged you. – Post the rules on your blog. – Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. – Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

Here it go:

Uno: I cannot stay in the house with socks, immediately I get indoors I take them off

Dos: I have had more than 5 nicknames one of which I will choke anyone who hints it.

Tres: this is down modo‘s alley but i carry a handkerchief in my pocket every day and i use it at most 3 times a month, usually when i am on the dance floor which is a rare occasion also.

Cuatro: when i was young i wanted to be a doctor then i heard you have to be in school for like 10 years….actually now that i look back i probably just wanted to get closer to the sexy nurses.

Cinco: I insist that I am 5’8 but it is quite possible I am shorter (5’7 & 1/2) but i won’t go any lower than 5’8. How is a grown ass dude supposed to stand up for himself at 5’7? I am 5’8 dammit!

Seis: I can’t sing to save my life but once in a while i will get touched and belch out a tune out loud when i am in the car, i am glad no one has witnessed it.

and as a service to society I tag these usual suspects majonzi, jm, gish, bryjoe, kafai na unyc.


14 thoughts on “taggedbynakeel

  1. LOL! sexy nurses? at 10. dude! I once had a hankie in my pocket for 6 months without even removing it (unless it’s shifting to another trao). it got dirty huko ndani unused.

    ile siku ya reminisce i heard some shriek, kumbe it was you. i thought it was feedback from the speakers. kumbe..ehehehe

  2. And the way I was enjoying the slumber, will try and do the needful soon.
    What happens when your standing with someone who IS 5’8? Tell them hawajui kujipima?

  3. the height thing i feel you kabisa and i can attest to the once in a lifetime show on the floor.
    Hankies, i like them disposable.

    Off to honor the tag.

  4. 4: I wanted to become a doctor too, but once I grew up, I realised that I am not that committed to such kind of life.

    6: I love sing to myself. There is always a tune in my heart, which I belt out during private shows.

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