Kenya’s Peace Deal

While we await the details of the agreed Coalition Government in Kenya, it is important to applaud the work by Kofi Annan and his team of mediators as well as President Kibaki and Honorable Raila Odinga for putting Kenya’s future above their personal ambitions.

Yes Kenyans can exhale a sigh of relief now that an agreement is in place but we must immediately work on the difficult task of returning to normalcy. The healing starts with ordinary Kenyans forgiving, reconciling and mending the rifts created by post election violence.

We are a fragile nation and only our sincere willingness to unite and build Kenya can pass the test of time.

We should continue to pray for sustained peace but most importantly play our individual role to promote unity, forgiveness and nation building.

Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya

5 thoughts on “Kenya’s Peace Deal

  1. Its time for the kikuyu wake up and see who are their leaders. Its time we they start voting as Kenyans not as a single power hungry block. Kibaki as they finally realized is a selfish tyrant whose his tenure has punished them the Kikuyu and their future gen erations. What happened after the rigged election will haunt them a long time.The blood that has spilled cannot be compensated and our businesses country wide have collapsed due to greedy GEMA Chauvinist like kibaki and his mafias from central who miscaculated the voice of the kenyans as a whole

    .In my Heart Raila is my president…</

  2. Modoaathii

    you just cant wake up and say we are over just like that …that This is the opportune time for HARD choices, . No more symbolic prescriptions that are hopelessly innefectual, for deep seated wounds requiring surgical removal. The MP of othaya , President Mwai Kibaki may have hidden in state house, he may issued platitudinous statements about his legal status, or about “talking to the people” to achieve peace etc.

    When kibaki decided to steal the elections, Kivuitu decided to ignore justice, Kalonzo decided that trying to find out the real winner was a waste of time, and Gicheru decided to swear in Kibaki in secret, they annoyed lady justice. They threw out law and order and they lost the moral authority and the ability to protect anybody.

    this must be our source of strength and vigilance. Our children and grandchildren must be made to remember what happens when we ignore lady justice. Every Kenyan who must forever remain true to justice and Kivuitu and kibaki must be the example of the kind of leaders that this country must avoid in the future at all cost

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