Drop Dead Gorgeous


  • Angelina Jolie (she is more of the kind of woman you don’t take to your mother)
  • Kaz (tuliona yote)
  • Amy Winehouse (eat a sandwich)
  • Condoleezza Rice (republican)
  • Monica Lewinsky (Bill was there)
  • Hillary Clinton (secretly in love with Obama)
  • Esther Passaris (ODM damu)
  • Rucy Kibaki (too violent)
  • Britney Spears (keep her in prayer)

Drop Dead Gorgeous

  • Oprah Winfrey (Net Worth = 1.5 Billion Dollars)

Random thoughts….

great advice on the G-Spot on this BBC article

“If a woman spends all her time worrying about whether she is normal, or has a G spot or not, she will focus on just one area, and ignore everything else.

If you can’t find yours try finding happiness in the simple things in life like shoe shopping.

17 thoughts on “Drop Dead Gorgeous

  1. Dude! Oprah —> drop dead gorgeous? She’s a sharp cookie, definitely won’t let anyone near her billion.5

    Esther Passaris isn’t? ODM or not, she’d have been the perfect mayor of Nairobi.

    Shoe shopping isn’t a simple pleasure! Try following the Mrs around as she shops, mzee utaumia mpaka you’ll need orthopaedic shoes!

  2. I read the article and the only thing that stood out was the fact that some women apparently do not have a g-spot completely.
    ‘I am sorry ma’am, but the ultra sound reveals that you do not have a g-spot.’ Shoe shopping cannot heal such traumatic news!

    LOL. that is a topic for another day, young men have been suffering trying to find the g-spot and kumbe some women don’t even have it…sad really

  3. Oprah? HUH

    its unfair that some women can find the G spot and some can not even with the help of an ultra sound innit?
    Ati dysfunctional? Shidwe

    its not that she beautiful but when you put that billion in front of her its difficult not to see the beauty

  4. hapa I have to disagree with you on Oprah. I’d place her with Ruccy Kibaki – Too much make-up, too old. Remember that song by Munishi, “Hata ujipake clear tone, uso unakataa maana uzee unakuja.’ That is their case.

    you know I know Rucy’s secretary and she has asked anyone who says she is ungry to go for slapping sessions…i am forwarding your name

  5. how should we punctuate the ” OPRAH – drop dead gorgoeus”. Are you saying she is indeed drop dead gorgoeus or are you asking her to drop dead and the net worth will go to?

    LMAO…the latter, its called a pulling a ‘Steadman’ — one lays quietly keeping healthy while praying that she will one day yell enough on her show and drop dead.

  6. Oprah? You clearly have a leaning for the motherly type of woman. Well most of the other ones as well aren’t all that either.
    Wait a sec women have been blaming their men all these years as being lousy for for failing to find that spot then we discover that some of them cant find it as well?

    no monte, I have a leaning towards a rich type of woman. Yes the G-spot doesn’t exist in some cases, my rule of thumb is you find it first and once we establish its there, I will find it.

  7. Esther Passaris, yes. Oprah… apart from hiyo pesa, yeye na Roocy club moja. Ati Shoe shopping in place for G-spot…aii!

    passaris is uhmm….old, rucy too is old and violent while Oprah’s account speaks for her.

  8. I asked, if they dont have a G-spot, do they atleast have M-spot…? Seriously, this one exists… Swears a friend who discovered it!

  9. ahem, I would so date Angelina Jolie, and you know this. And she is preggers again! and she loves African babies, UN ambassador, wow, what more could I ask for in a woman? tsk tsk. well, except I heard CK (yes, of the young girls’ fame) would like to be left alone with her.. sooo eeeewww.. .

    lol, Hillary secretly in love with Obama— wish again! I will keep away from Oprah, I don’t even know how she really looks like.

    Angelina she has been on the top of my list for the longest…to sexy and smart. Oprah, well…its more to do with the 1.5 billion, i don’t know how she looks either!

  10. No G spot, heh i’d die. Shoe shopping might be therapy but somehow i don’t think it would help in this case.
    Im liking your blog though.

    LOL, ati you would die…

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