Hard Drugs

This story is funny especially because it is true, from News of the Weird.

(the divorce of Anton Popazov and his wife, Nataliya, is about to go through, but the couple are still contractually committed to the Moscow State Circus, where their act includes Nataliya’s shooting an apple off of Anton’s head with a crossbow. The Times of London asked Anton during a show in Sheffield, England, in February whether he was afraid. “I still trust her because Nataliya is very professional,” he said. “(T)he show must go on.” ).

Can you imagine if Nataliya is about to shoot the apple then she sees in the crowd the chic that Popazov has practicing his magic stick on….now that would be a circus worth the price of admission!

On Hard Drugs:

I think if I was in a medically controlled environment where addiction was guaranteed not to happen I would try one of the hard drugs and I will explain why.

All the addicts that I have seen in documentaries describe the feeling as an experience that is unworldly. They say it’s ‘like a warm blanket covering one’s whole body or a high that relaxes every muscle in your body and releases all tension.’ They are often lost for words trying to explain that unworldly high. Of course you can see the downside on their ruined lives but that’s beside my point.

Of course I am NOT contemplating trying drugs, don’t hit the panic button just yet (I have never even voluntarily tried Bob Marley’s drug of choice)….plus I am doing just fine with alcohol which by the way is considered a drug – total bollocks if you ask me!

Anyway hard drugs are what they are, addictive and enslaving but I hope scientists will come up with a scientific simulation of the effect so that curious people like me can try it.

Same thing with life after death experience, I bet a good number of people are intrigued and wonder quietly what happens after each of us die but obviously no one is signing up for death to find out earlier than God has planned for them.

Maybe I am working my brain too much but it’s just that some ideas intrigue the shit out of me.

Lighter notes:

Guys if you are planning a vacation schedule in a visit to Kiev, Ukraine. Kiev has the best ratio of men to women in the world.

Ladies just open your eyes; we are literally everywhere and ready for the word.

Lastly, is it just me or does Mandela celebrate his birthday at least twice every year? I swear ever few months I read on BBC News about Mandela’s birthday plans…oh well, happy birthday Nelson.

Good weekend everyone and please say no to drugs…except alcohol in moderation or until face hits floor.


11 thoughts on “Hard Drugs

  1. LOL its true! Alcohol aint no drug,
    alafu kumbe that supermarket for iko kiev? Weekend njema pia wewe

    I want to start a campaign to remove beer from the list of drugs, no one ever O-Did on malts or pilsners

  2. Alcohol is a drug just like all other painkillers the trick is moderation moderation moderation as if LOL.
    Me thinks you are over thinking.

    me thinks you are right and wrong; alcohol is not really a drug. maybe the alcohol that you see people lying on the street…but that one for friday nights, some fake dancing and hangover on sato and sunday; that is moderation…LOL

  3. This divorce story is on a level of its own. I wudn’t continue with the circus show. Hapana!

    As for drugs, I have never been addicted to any, not even alcohol, I don’t believe in those addiction stories. Coffee though is different, I would do without it if I could but I can’t.

    i have never been addicted to anything either, i consume alcohol in the typical Kenyan moderation

  4. U know what i want to try? Passing out. i want that whole-life-flashing-before-your-eyes-and-a-million-thoughts-whirling-thru-your-head-experience thing. without the hangover, of course. And as for natalyia, she could have saved hersef a lot of time and lawyer’s fees – all she’d have to do is ‘faint in shock’ right after the deed, then plead manslaughter…

    at least one person’s brain is over thinking like mine

  5. oh, one more thing. am pretty sure the man didn’t cheat. i mean even if u were cassanova himself, would you cheat on a woman who routinely aims crossbows at your head? really? even with a head full of hard drugs?

    I wouldn’t even do the act after a minor disagreement. I can’t have my life in the hands of an angry woman, NEVER!

  6. Hapo Crystalls has a point. Wud you cross Mombasa Road Blondfolded?

    Yes in a controlled environment — two roadblocks on each side. LOL

  7. Ati you consume alcohol in typical Kenyan moderation?
    That ain’t saying much surely.lol
    Somehow i don’t think that word exists in the Kenyan dictionary.

  8. So much to comment on! Kwanza that divorce is something else– hehehe, a woman scorned finds it darn hard (no pun intended, well, maybe) to be professional. On death– I do not even go there! Lol, ati you jamaas are all over the place? Maze, folks are searching!!

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