Peek a Boo

If you observe carefully your girlfriend will once in a while take a quick, seemingly unintentional glance at a guy without you, sometimes the guy or anyone else noticing.

I hope the ladies will own up to it because not only do you do it, it is human nature to do so. One sees something or someone they are attracted to or intrigued by and they are drawn to it, him or her, nothing wrong with it at all.

The truth is women are inherently gracious and beautiful even in the simplest matters of life.

They are subtle and unassuming, drawing you to them, hiding their desires deeper than skin deep unlike men. They dance with you desire, daring you to scratch and find out if they seek nourishment from the fountain of your manhood.

They are truly lovely creatures and remarkable to watch. The way a lady with good manners and morals goes about her life is a thing of beauty to observe.

And then there is us, Mankind.

We are truly a different species, astonishingly opposite and sometimes rudimentary in our approach to most things in life. Most of us like cars, speed, gadgets, porn movies, regular and cat-fights, sports, beer and our original sin; lustful desires.

We have our great qualities such as fiscal control of the world economy but we lack in subtleness among other not so straight women-like qualities.

Hence when we see an attractive woman walk by or sitting across in a restaurant, we do not glance, we blatantly stare. Often times for longer periods than is humanly advisable.

Our stare is lustful, purposeful and fixated on what most attracts us in that woman. If it is a beautiful face, we draw a radius and focus on it. If she happens to be blessed with a perky, perfectly shaped set of twins — the kind that you know God must have been smiling when he worked on them; our eyes match each one and for a moment we are lost in nature’s best strapped secret.

We have changed routes to work or school, passed our destination just to follow the bouncing perfect booty; moving up and down as it jiggles in front of us, following along with our eyes moving up and down in tennis-watching-rhythm like sequence.

We try hard (especially when our wives and girlfriends are with us) not to look but…the results never reflect our efforts.

At the least we can take comfort in knowing that you too ladies do it; only in a more sophisticated gracious fashion.

8 thoughts on “Peek a Boo

  1. Nice post. If I may say so myself. so myself is saying SO.

    I do not think there is anything wrong with looking.Infact I would look and then tell dude,”mmhh he cute”, coz whether I say it or not the cute guy is still cute.
    And in the same breath if I say a pretty girl and I was with dude, I would still mention it.Infact I have done it- once at a starbucks this babe walked past and I was sat with my friends (all girls) and we all agreed that she was pretty.So I thought , okay I will run after her and tell her.She was surprised and the dude looked worried.But I returned to what I was doing and the beautifl girl went on her way.

    Just because you are with someone -doesn’t mean you go blind.Looking is not cheating.And to look you JUST use eyes.

    ah thankyou. I like the quote from Warren Snapp (NFL) when he was caught live staring at a girl in a lakers bball game…”We are married men, not dead”. I agree completely no harm in looking

  2. Honestly it is natural to look at pretty things if I stop to stare at a Mitsubishi Evo X zooming past why should I not stop and stare at what God has so graciously provided.
    LOL at 3TOC yes people in relationships should not pretend to be blind either I agree.

    LMAO…right, Mitsubishi Evo X

  3. Looking is alright!
    But that obsession of changing the route you take to work has gotta be harmful somehow

    i tell you guys do crazy things, I remember doing it in college for fun I guess but I can’t change my route, just adjusted my walk to tag along, LOL

  4. I look i just wouldn’t comment but looking i do. Its just appreciating and that shouldn’t worry any man seeing that am going home with them.

    very true, if the man was to get worried then insecurity wouldn’t be too far fetched

  5. Admiring is so right. Yes am a victim and I dont hide am doing it but after appreciating I turn my face and look deep and say sweetie I love you…

    i love your approach nakeel

  6. beautifully written, ahh. Certainly, I have on my occasions appreciated a beautiful man, and the odd woman, while with my man. I wouldn’t mind if he told me he thought another woman was beautiful, except I don’t like ogling and staring… it makes me sooo uncomfortable!!

    thanks. its funny that most women can point out a beautiful woman but you will catch me dead or any other guy for that matter pointing out a guy.

  7. ‘the kind that you know God must have been smiling when he worked on them” that’s fwanny.

    my pals always cause for me coz i always look, and i mean LOOK mpaka story inapotea. then them they are married and they cause ati i need style. ISHNASHING!

    hahahah, guilty of changing route once, okay, twice…sawa many times.

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