Ashley ‘Kristen’ Dupree Offered $ 1 Million to Pose Nude

The young lady at the center of New York’s governor Splitzer prostitution scandal has been offered 1 million dollars to pose nude by Hustler Magazine and Penthouse has shown interest (MSNBC News).

Take the money Kristen, take the money!

Sell the book and movie rights. Do all the talk shows, reaality shows…wherever the money is, do it all young lady.

This is your 15 minutes of fame make that $$$$ girl.

Only in America!

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14 thoughts on “Ashley ‘Kristen’ Dupree Offered $ 1 Million to Pose Nude

  1. looks like you could not resist either. This storo is worth several blog posts! I don’t know about posing nude (yes, that thing called molarity again! keeps happening to me), but I am all for a singing, and acting career, movie rights and a book deal.


    Is that some kind of dental disease?

    Or is that a dyslexic person trying to type “MORALITY”?

    What were they smoking??

  3. take it for what is worth.make your money and enjoy life you deserve it for all the things you had to go through.

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