New York Governors Gone Wild

You thought Splitzer had juicy stories? Please meet the new governor of New York, Mr. David Paterson.

Gov. Spliter (right) laughs as he prepares to hand over the tabloids to Governor Paterson

{*wait till they find out what this dude has in his closet* — Governor Splitzer, right, smiles as he hands over his successor, Governor Paterson to the NY tabloids}

Having been governor for only a few weeks, Paterson has been a daily sizzler in the NY tabloids.

First day at work Paterson and his wife admit they have had affairs during their marriage.

“Like most marriages, you go through certain difficult periods, (but) what’s important is for your kids to see you worked them out.”

And then this just in, drug use:

Cocaine – “tried it a couple of times”

Marijuana – “haven’t touched it since the 70’s”

Something tells me we are yet to hear the last of Gov. Paterson’s adventurous youth and rocky NY style marriage.

I wonder what the next NY governor will have to have done to make headlines….

7 thoughts on “New York Governors Gone Wild

  1. He is upfront, me (I) doubt there is anything else to hear from him, people somehow don’t like things you admit too, we want those that are revealed scandalously! Nothing, amesha toboa

  2. HNH is on it, I also think its less scandalous that he has admitted to these, and he has also not done it in office. In any case, I am amazed at the Holier than though attitude by Americans towards the Spitzers and such– afterall, the sex industry in the US is one of the most lucrative!

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