Back to reality; Kenya’s Political Progress

The compromise by Kibaki and Raila on a new cabinet is further proof that our leaders are in it only for themselves and their cronies.

40 Ministers!!!

And each comes with an assistant, a secretariat, not to mention the offices of PM and two deputy PM’s. Seriously, what the fuck does Kenya need a deputy prime minister let alone two??

It is a bitter lesson in the ways the established elite continue shaft it daily to ordinary Kenyans.

To those who were on the streets swearing by their leaders name and willing to sacrifice their lives and even worse the lives of their fellow countrymen for justice; my apologies, political reality beckons.

10 thoughts on “Back to reality; Kenya’s Political Progress

  1. You know am thinking am the one to pay all those mofos and now I will be purchasing unga at 80 one packet so that the tax on top can give gluttonous hyenas salary while my employer doesnt know a term called salary increment.
    AM so dead.

  2. We really should not be suprised! Double speak by our politicians is the norm. They promised a lean cabinet – Not delivered, they promised a clean cabinet – Not delivered, They promised a youthful cabinet – Not going to be delivered either. And these were promised by all 3 sides.

  3. hey, am soo very bitter…all the time it is us who lose…there will be no justice for the common man, kenya is screwed, i tell ya…

  4. Lipservice is sadly what our leaders do best. Am ashamed that people queued, voted, lost their lives, wounded, lost property for these ungrateful persons who think they are bigger than this nation. Unfortunately for them we are watching them and we will have the last say, 2012 is too far. The thing that makes me so mad is the monies that they will be paid considering that over 50% of our people are living onn <= a dollar. May God deal with them.

  5. Kenyans are ashamed and bitter for that they have been through under the hands of these two. We pray for change in 2012, and lets hope this time it will make a difference.

    Pray for Kenya.

  6. At times like this is when I wish I had influence on suicide bombers. Only death in the government by assasination might bring them back to earth. They deserve to die, ili iwe funzo kwa wengine.

  7. Did u see Kimunya wants more money to fund ministries? And also the amount need to build the PM office? Meanwhile, Kenyans are still displaced, folks are still going hungry. Saddest thing is most of us on blogsphere are middle class and above, we will survive if unga goes up… what about the majority of our population?

    it was a mistake for this coalition to have 41 ministries and that’s why i argue it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s PNU or ODM in power; they reward themselves while the common man continues to suffer.

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