Five sons of two b*tch*S

This was on a national exam for tenth graders in the city of Chimkent, Kazakhstan:

There are two b*tchES with five sons total.

The oldest son is twenty two years old, the youngest is twice the difference in age between the eldest and the second youngest son.

The two b*tchES are not related, they do know each other though — from a late 70’s puff puff and pass orgy.

If you add all the ages of the sons of b*tchES; the result will be twice the age of the older b*tch minus the age of the youngest son.

Without using a calculator, how old is the youngest son of a b*tch?


Happy Furahi Day & Weekend everyone.

12 thoughts on “Five sons of two b*tch*S

  1. are you well? atii without using a calculator………….kwani the calculator knows these “female dogs”!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Half the age their females dog mothers would have been in the 70’s when they were orgying, plus the age of the supplier of the Puff puff minus five!

  3. lol @ 2halfs………….I think the time has come for you to emigrate from where you live- the effects are “readable”

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