Rules of Engagement

The rules are binding and essential in any successful CFA endeavour.

  1. It is a f*ck*ing arrangement and only that. Love and or relationship eager individuals need not apply.
  2. Each partner reserves the right to terminate the arrangement without the consent of the other partner.
  3. Each partner must have the ability to walk away unhurt and unaffected by the termination of the arrangement.
  4. A partner has no right to question the whereabouts, with whom, doing what and related unnecessary questions of the other partner.
  5. Each partner should bear the assumption that their CFA has other CFA arrangements; a notion that should never discussed or questioned.
  6. …..

Feel free to add to the list citing personal examples, mistakes repeated and lessons learnt

34 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement

  1. Everything shall be limited to sex, food and drink. Anything away from this is unconstitutional… like my job, pals and family…

  2. CFA must not speak ill of his/her partner after the strokes arrangement comes to an end, considering it was purely sexual & you had every opportunity to walk away from it if said strokage wasn’t up to desired standard.

  3. Kill the small talk, food and drinks. Its very physical, fungua mlango, do your gymnastics, role plays e.t.c asap and leave(thanks i loved the show)if you have to sleep over, the couch is all yours. Infact, if it were up to me, i would limit the sounds to the necessary. familiarity breeds “love” leading to a “relationship” leading to a nasty mess.

  4. LOOOL, am with Udi on this one.

    @Kip, yawa, si by now you have a booklet of all ‘notes’ you have taken? Apply lessons learnt already!

  5. -CFA shall not under any circumstances impose their libido on me. If it ain’t mutual today then wait. No explanation needed.

    -Under no circumstances shall i acknowledge you as CFA in public. Deal with it.

    -I care not to know about you day to day life. Pay a counsellor.

  6. Waah. Very insightful. P;ease don’t tell me about your sexual conquests when we are not together. Remember its just sex between me and you that matters.

  7. lol, I hope never to find this CFA in my possession… else, I shall shred it to pieces… 😦

    the CFA should be identified from afar and never domesticated

  8. There will be absolutely no selling info on our arrangement to the press or any other willing buyers when I get rich and famous.

    No extortion either.

  9. lol ati “the CFA should be identified from afar and never domesticated ” LOL wananchi watukufu got jokes… :p

  10. Gosh! You guys, i cannot believe what u grown men and women type over here. I thought pple grow up to be wiser but the oposite here is the truth. God forgive u guys. I can only hope none of u is married because ur a disgrace to ur spouses for real. kenya really needs God.

    LMAO…yes Kenya needs God but it also needs good governance, better interest rates, contraceptives, cheaper foodstuffs, better roads…my point is just because you (anonymous) doesn’t subscribe to a liberal lifestye is not reason enough to judge others. For your information CFA’s do not require one to be attached, in fact multiple CFA’s while single is highly recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists.

  11. lol! at all the talk here. surely, we all need prayers, but while at it, manze…leave out all the rest. the CFA’s that the way, any willing candidates? ok , female that is 🙂

  12. LMAO, it aint about judging others, its about using ur head to think! Who still sleeps around in this age and time really? Why should pple congregate to lie to each other and at the back of ur minds am sure ur positive that this aint right. Why cant u make this place aplace where pple can exhort each other in positive ways, teach each other good stuff that might help them than talk abt stuff that will ruin their lives. Do u get my point?

    I don’t but people do sleep around–A LOT–and especially single people. I guess you misunderstood the whole discussion, if one is single most of our generation (20something to early 30’s) do not see it a problem for someone to have CFA’s or whatever.

  13. hehehe i think this is the post of the 2nd Quater 2008 … heheh who is that who is like ati if they finda CFA in their posession they will shread it to pieces! lol hehe

    What is C.F.A – certifed Financial Advisor?

  14. LMAO, its kinda depressing if u cant see any sense in what am saying. Being young doesnt mean we have to go around sleeping with anything u see i mean wea is our self respect, worth and dignity. Why do we have to throw it to the dogs? Do we have to cover ourselves in shame just because we are young. C’mon! Dont u wanna stand upright walk with your head up knowing that ur valuable and deserve some respect coz thats what u command, i mean, young pple we need to wake up,we need to zinduka as they say and realize that life is just not abt sex and sex, there is more to it, at the end of the day we are all accountable to God, oureselves and even others on how we live our lives. I rest my case!

    i don’t know what to say, i do see your sense what i was trying to get to you is that those who choose to go around sleeping and valuing sex greatly should not be condemned. As long as someone is not in a relationship I believe they are free to be promisicous and they DO NOT lose their dignity or respect from their peers. maybe from their parents and God depending on their religious believes. What you say is right for you but not necessarily for everyone.

  15. u can not say its not true for everyone, coz guess what, everyone was created by God and a conscience put in each of our hearts.Being promiscous is not good whether single or married. I believe if someone values sex, they would not be promiscous. On the other hand, i just wanna make it known to you that am not trying to condemn no one here or be judgemental, but just promting pple here to think critically abt the issues and the things we air out here.

  16. People,people hold your horses anonymus nzembi and everyone else why are people against people having sex that is somebody’s decision and nobody should be judged by what they do and am happy to say that i love sex extremely much and nobody can tell me other wise.

  17. This started so well. Was ok till those anonymous types who troll blogs hyping so much moral crap turned up. C.f.a I’d reality. Get with the program. Some of the respondents are in it. Leave the bloggers alone! Wa. Am sure thi is not the only site available for you.

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