Ronaldo’s hat-trick

It is one thing to be caught soliciting prostitution, but a whole different story as Ronaldo is going through after a story leaked that he solicited the services of 3 transvestites.

One of the he-she prostitutes is accusing Ronaldo of doing cocaine with them and then refusing to pay for the sexual services.

As expected the player has denied the accusation and noted that he abandoned his foursome experiment once he found no trace of vagina on any of the 3 prostitutes.

Yeah right, Ronaldo!

I mean what is the probability even in Vegas to pick up 3 transvestites on the same night, spend some time with them, then take them to a motel without the thought ‘is it just me or does at least ONE of these prostitute look like a DUDE!!” ever crossing your mind?

I am at odds trying to understand why anyone, let alone rich and famous people solicit prostitutes? Isn’t it much cheaper and dignified to stitch together a few lies and get sexual gratification from a willing partner?

Call me old school but I believe sex is best when served free.

Anyway I feel for Ronaldo who apparently has gone into hiding in his mom’s house. The girlfriend, who it turns out, is neither into foursomes nor into transvestites has reportedly dumped him.

Now Ronaldo has to hope that his reputation recovers simultaneously with the knee injury he is rehabbing.

What a story!

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22 thoughts on “Ronaldo’s hat-trick

  1. Apparently the cops believed him! eti on a scale of 1 to 10 in believability he ranked 9! Duh!
    I bet a few diamond gifts and the girl will take him back! I would….

  2. First he is too fat to play… and then this! 3N, u jua many jamaas who tafuta prostitutes are doing so coz there are things they’d like to do, but their partner cannot/will not engage them (eg. sleeping with a transsy)

  3. and somehow I am laughing here *slaps self twice*. All I want to know is the name of the surgoen who did the op on these three men/women.Was it the same surgeon ama three different ones? Why? Becoz his must be a work of art.He got 3 men from he to she and no eye brows were raised- or is Ronaldo blind?

    Another question- why did he need three? Ni kweli too much of anything is always bad.

    He should have spent some of that money getting someone to look at his teeth.

  4. so far, storo has come out to be false. as for the transvestites, I hear there are towns where u have to make sure the mama you okotad at a club is actually a mama. Manila and Rio are two of the most notorious for having transv in plenty. But yenyewe jamaa just dropped mama and went straight to langaing. now thats just wrong

  5. wow…its so kinky…….
    u know, today its normal for straight guys to hav sex with tranies…its a kind of odd to most people but its of fun in sex….u know sometimes we need to change the shampoo….

  6. ur fathers r not those who stay with you at home,ask ur mom who they are, let ronaldo do wht u like u bastards

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