They are HERE!


ManA: you don’t treat me well and don’t care about me, when is the last time we spend quality time together….

ManB:….blah blah (I can only hear one end of the conversation)

ManA: its like every time I want us to spend time you are always busy, remember last weekend, I was there the whole Saturday and you didn’t…

ManB:….blah blah

ManA: What? I only worked half day, we could have done something in the afternoon, and I am not even saying like go out for movies or anything….. just even the park, or cook together, I don’t know (voice becoming heavier…)

ManB:…and so on and so forth

ManA: I am serious we don’t spend any quality time together

ManB: ….something something

ManA: so what do you want me to do, I can’t take this…are you ashamed of going out in public with me

{now starting to sob and slur in speech}

ManB: something else, something else

ManA: but you keep saying that, you keep saying that…hmmm…but you never do anything

ManB: what about this and that

ManA: that was like a month ago…I don’t know, I just don’t know

ManB: what, what, now?

ManA: I have to go I am at work….sobs….sobs….

ManB: something…something

ManA: Because I don’t hang up that’s why!…sobs more

manB: whatever

ManA: I have to go really….sobs last time…hangs up.


ManA: my workmate sits 5 paces from my desk

ManB: The dude on the other end of the conversation, the boyfriend I suppose, who doesn’t do anything like cook and spend quality time with ManA.


I don’t know what your opinion is on gayness but it was the weirdest thing to sit and listen to a jamaa on the phone sobbing and conversing on relationship matters, knowing very well it’s another DUDE on the other side of the phone.

I support gay rights and I believe every person has a right to choose who they sleep with and not be discriminated by society for it.

My support is legal, a civic duty; socially though I reserve the right to be weirded by such situations as above or equally worse (and recently witnessed) a grey haired man fabulously hanging a female handbag from his should and strolling as if nothing is awkward about it.

We are definitely living in a different world!

19 thoughts on “They are HERE!

  1. now me I am reading that and thinking “huh, kwani Man U as in the football team are now called Man A and then who is Man B? Chelsea maybe.”

    So according to evidence provided above, the next time a chic is going on and on about not spending quality time with her significant male other- that male other can never “iiiiiiiisssssssshhhhhhhhhh women!”.Becoz clearly it is not just women who go on and on and on and on and on about spending time.

  2. @3TOC: Don’t dis Chelsea up in here, you’re outnumbered. We’ll clobber you.

    Point noted about guys who don’t pay enough attention to their significant others, lakini does Man A rate as a dude kweli?

  3. So does this mean that nagging, bitching and crying is not so much female, but a phenomena that is induced by men! (ducking all those fists being shaken at me!)

  4. Hayaaa… much as everyone is entitled to some rights, I feel nothing for gay tendancies(no offence 2 anyone), for chics maybe just maybe… but guys… how? Traditions much as they hold us back from exploring, they also save us trouble with some explorations…

  5. Kweli times have changed! I would also find it weird to hear such nagging, bitching (don’t crucify me HnH said it) from a man.

  6. wow…errrmmm..if it was a kawa conversation then I’d be okie wit it..but a man sobbing on the phone kwanza?? okie that’s just weird

  7. sounds like an interesting conversation. Lakini folks, gay or otherwise, need not be discussing their private manenos in open spaces. That is all I ask.

  8. did u see, California just made it legal for gay couples to marry. I am all for it! 😀

    just read this. it’s a matter of time before the rest of the US follows suit though some parts (south) will have a harder time adapting to it. I am all for it too, especially lesbians….lol

  9. Now that’s some funny ish right there. Cali is very liberal so that was bound to happen but here in the South that story was shut down tene, no same sex marriage going down.
    Gay relationships when they have drama are even worse than guy gal I tell you!

    the south is another place…i look for states like Kentucky and Tennessee to be the last to pass any gay friendly legislation.

  10. personally, i too do not discriminate, legally, against gays or lesbians..but it still feels weird to meet a dude who talks in a more chickish manner than you…

    no one should ever discriminate against a lesbian…

  11. or a chick who makes a move on you, though i havent experienced that either…

    anyone chic who had this happen to her want to share…with details please?

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