Grand THEFT Auto

For the 4th edition of the Grand Theft Auto video game series below are some head shaking statistics from the first week of sale.

  • April 19, 2008 first day sales – 3.6 million copies SOLD worth $ 310 million
  • Total first week sales – 6 million copies SOLD worth $ 500 million aka half ONE BILLION dollars

Keep in mind each game costs approximately $ 60.00 and obviously one will need a console such as an Xbox 360 or PS3 which runs approximately $ 300 – $ 500. Then I heard on the radio this morning—and this I had to confirm— there are books for sale, guide books which sell at approximately $ 20.00.

A guide book for a video game …for $20.00!

Don’t parents miss the good old days when a hill and half cut kibuyu would provide children all the play and adrenaline rush they needed for school holidays?

Or an old tire with water/oil and two sticks to ‘steer’ making for a good safari rally. Who remembers… “I want to be Patrick Njiru, I want to be Patrick Njiru, I want to be Patrick Njiru…then settling for Juha Kankkunenn after someone out-shouted you to get Njiru”?

And kadenge na mpira, shake, kati, hide & seek…etcetera? Cheap and socially engaging childhood games.

I say good luck to 3N jr. if he thinks I will fork over $ 600 plus for his entertainment instead of multiplying that by 60 and buying approximately 5k shares of Safcom just like every Kenyan is nowadays required to.


4 thoughts on “Grand THEFT Auto

  1. that game is rated R. no way a child I know shall come withing an inch of playing that game. I am soliciting for a copy of said game for ps3. seems they are in short supply.

    most teens in the US play it and they aren’t supposed to get but they threaten the parents i don’t know with what mpaka they get it. you can order from amazon or, hopefully they ship to kenya

  2. I hear you! I saw some kids playing with cars they made from wire and tins, and remembered back in the day! Those kids are having a heck of a lot more mwenjoyos than the PS3 XBox crowd, I’m sure!

  3. Why do i envy generation X kids coz they can have the best of both worlds bora they also keep fit, why not indulge them?
    How again do you explain the grown men hooked to Playstations and X boxes
    ( could it be a phase they skipped? )

    Conan O’brien on the late night show was dissing vile GTA IV should have been toned down from the earlier versions like “vice city” and ‘San andreas” So that you get people on the streets of Liberty city giving a testimony on how they are saved and trying to win souls.

    Amazon ships to kenya and you don’t need a guide book for the game coz GTA forums and cheat codes exist on the internet. I watch in amazement as my GTA fanatic teen brother studies them like he’s sitting for an exam oh! and you can subscribe to get new cheat codes sent to your e-mail. ( i had to laugh at this extreme).

    I enjoyed the bano’s, rounders, safo’s,( we made our safos using wires and vifuniko for valon and solea) while breaking a few limbs but i think i could have also had a blast if we had GTA, FIFA’s e.t.c back in the day.

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