Obama to marry Hillary

I figure since Hillary really wants to be under him, it would only be right if Obama whose ancestors boast to own the greatest Omena (fish) recipe, goes ahead and asks Bill for Hillary’s hand?

“I like your hair Hillary”….”thank you Barrack, how is your water?” {OMG, OMG he noticed my hair, I hope I wasn’t over the top with water question..OMG!}

And you know Bill, he will probably not mind an Obama & Hillary union.

He already moved on after Hillary became all needy, presidential and honestly a tad bit bitchy if you ask me. In fact Bill is being rumored to be occupied with this actress (the actress is a known lesbian – HI 5 Bill, happy time).

And there is little evidence to suggest that Bill was ever fully into Hillary in the first place. Remember Lewinsky and a certain cigar? Now that’s how you serve a nation!

You might wonder how Michele Obama fits into all this, well, Obama only needs to look at his fatherland Kenya for a solution. His cousin Raila PM Odinga agreed to a Coalition with Kibaki, Lucy, Ida and the Kalonzo’s for the sake of Kenya and Obama should follow suit and choose Hillary for the sake of America.

It will be a difficult task at first (especially the convincing Michelle it is for the Country part) and Koffi Annan might have to clear his schedule for a month but in the end it will be worth it.

It would be a perfect 1 President and two 1st ladies white house. Cat fights will be pay per view on Wednesday nights with all proceeds going to benefit the MBWF (Men for Bisexual Women Foundation). Founding member, non other than Bill Clinton.

Anyway congrats to Obama and Grandpa John McCain, now the tough battle begins. I put the odds at 52-48 in favor of Obama winning but he better be careful and ready.

The Republican political machinery did get George ‘hey, I am lost’ Bush elected…TWICE!

12 thoughts on “Obama to marry Hillary

  1. LMAO – that arrangement might actually work especially to counter the ‘republican political machinery’!

    bwana Xs don’t joke with the likes of Karl Rove and Uncle Dick…they can get a village clown into the White House. Oh wait, they already did!

  2. You know…If Gershon is a lesbian, Bill might have just been fronting for Hillary. There are plenty of rumors that Hillary prefers “tongue and groove” over “stud construction.” 😉 That would certainly explain why she never complained about getting a bit of stuff now and then.

    LOL…maybe while bill was busy with Lewinsky Hillary was on the other side of the White House doing her own bill impression.

  3. LOL…naughty naughty. Right now, I can’t stand that woman, and to think I used to respect her. Well, when I really really think about it, I can still respect her. Anyone that would hang around after all the public humiliation Bill put her through, she gets props from me in that department. Lakini politics? No. Maybe angeenda White house and then there would be another Lewinsky-like scandal. This time it would be Hillary with Jane and the whole drama will re-play itself. No thanks!

    I feel the same way about Hillary, her determination and persistence is admirable even thought she seemed so desperate to be president especially in the latter stages of her campaign.

  4. Am glad hillary didnt win as my friend says, Can you imagine an idle bill clinton in the white house?

    that’s why bill is so pissed, I am sure he had major plans and a long guest list for hanyes in the WH

  5. “Its for the sake of our party”… I like that, someone always buys that… then Obama can pull what Kenyattas, Mois and Odingas (and soon Kibakis) have pulled on Kenya… After he is done, Chelsea can run for President… like for two terms, then somewhere there, loose to another Bush… then thereafter, The Obama daughters will have grown enough to give some mervellous speeches and genious campaigns, and some Illinois people will send them to the senate then to the white house…

    that would make the Obama daughters the first female & black president…I don’t see it happening. The first female president needs to be VERY pale

  6. The funniest campaign button I saw was ‘If she couldn’t satisfy her husband how can she satisfy the whole of America’ 🙂
    Obama shall win even if Macain marries Condoleezza Rice! to counter.

  7. I even hear Kivuitu is offering his services huko!

    Kivuitu’s partner is Karl Rove who if McCain is clever should hire as an adviser.

  8. fellow bloggers, there’s a blogger by the name lostwhitekenyan.blogspot.com who’s written a post about Obama which has made me unhappy. Check out her post titled “Over here its all about Barry” and tell her what you think. Thanks

  9. I liked Hilly, not sure I do anymore, not coz Obs is half Kenyan, but I just hated her whole ‘road to presidency’. Now that she lost the roadmap to WH, the game might be more boring.

    @Mali, there’s too much hatred and racism on that post, I’d hate to be converted.

  10. Lol….Hillary and Obama…hell no!

    What do Esther Passaris and Hillary Clinton have in common? I did not want either to win and they both suck!

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