Things become heavy

the good

the weekend is here!

Obama Won. The black senator who goes by Barack Hussein Obama (couldn’t sound more of a foreigner) really won the democratic primary! America is truly and positively a unique country.

the bad

F*ck the Celtics, how could they traumatize me like that on a Thursday night. And what the F*ck happened to Phil Jackson and his superior coaching? HOW are you up by 24 points in a game then sit back and let the celtics pound you away?

I am depressed, thanks to you Kobe & Phil Jackson. If they don’t win on Sunday I will have to stay away from sharp objects…and or any liquid with more than .01% alcohol content.

its gets worse…the really bad

Gas Prices – Let’s just say it now takes a conscious decision to visit anyone who lives further away than walking distance. If only I wasn’t allergic to 2 wheeled engines, I would join Modo’s camp.

Hot Weather – do you feel sometimes as if God is testing how well he created the human body by randomly going into extreme weather? Today its flooding, next week it’s scorching alafu two days later tstorms! How do you even prepare clothwise? You could be sweating or canoing your way home…beats any logic.

random thoughts

If Obama makes it to the white house, will they change the salon to a Barber & Beauty shop? And since only the President’s family lives in the WH, who will play with Michelle’s daughters?

Speaking of Obama, won’t it be ironic / funny if the first Luo president will not even be Kenyan?


Oh, and good lucky to Harambee Stars as they try to redeem whatever is left of Kenyan national soccer against Zimbabwe. For those attending (i.e gish), cheer on – we are together in spirit.

one more note worth mentioning

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz (Oprah’s resident Doc) -irreversible scientific research has proven that men who have double the amount of sex per week (assumption is 2 times per) increase their lives by an astounding 3 YEARS!

Further analysis from 3N Laboratories indicate that if a man doubles his RSSW (Recommended Sexual Sessions per Week) they would increase their life by 6 years.

Even further but inconclusive analysis (we had problems convincing women in the study group to continue past the first week) indicate that if you quadruple your RSSW, you are looking at 12 years of extended life.

Then 6 times the sex equals 24 years and so on and so forth. Basically the doctor recommends a lot more sex if you don’t want to die young.

p.s. for women it is the quality not the quantity that counts

10 thoughts on “Things become heavy

  1. That loss hurt me man…24 pts? to the bum ass celtics…they better win Sunday, them winning on your court is straight up disrespect

    good win jana usiku, now let’s see if we can squeeze 2 wins in Boston and shock the world…

  2. I have always wondered why Obama is referred to as black. isn’t he Half Black Half White…. so if he can be called Black, cant he also be called White…..? Kuuliza tu..

    Wikendi Njema mwanaume

    in the US if you have a traceable amount of black (color wise) you are considered black, otherwise Tiger Woods would be black and or Asian but he is considered BLACK

  3. On Dr Mehmet research – which i totally agree with – what happens to peeps who are on BT – forced or otherwise? Will we shed off some years??

    ‘don’t die heart…one has to just keep count of the weeks on BT and then revenge once they alight the train

    Alafu, ati the women refused to continue past one week? kwani, si you should have lied that for every 1 year you get, they get three….. or atleast you are researching on it…… LOL

    or reward them with a pair of Manolo shoes at the end of each week’s participation

  4. @XS, and to answer your first question. are you your father’s child or your mother’s? You are your father’s child when you come first in class and your mother’s child when you fail the mathematics exam. Guess whose son Obama is?

  5. things are really elephant..ok, i do not follow the NBA, but i think 24 is way too big a margin…
    am glad Harambee Stars defeated Zimbabwe, the loss would have been embarrassing, but let’s not put our hopes up…KFF will start politicking soon, and our players will lack uniform, shoes and allowances and lose their morale….mark my doom prophecy..

    what are u allergic to?? cycling or motorcycling? never know someone with such an allergy before

    lol, i am not allergic like the one you need to see an allergisist, it more like fear – on the motored cycle.

  6. right now we have some really cold feels like winter, i mean, it is not raining but it is freezing cold..meaning no hot outfits

  7. Feeling you on the gas prices.

    On the weather; we are messing up our own planet and I suppose we’ll only take it seriously when it starts to snow in the Sahara.

    What I would like to know is how Mehmet conducted this research and reached these conclusions. It may just be another scam to give guys a reason to go have the life-giving sex elsewhere. Because they probably ain’t getting a “raise” at home.

  8. We went we saw we won. I had so much fun. Next stop is Harare keep the fingers crossed even a draw will do just fine.
    Basically being on BT is bad for your health LOL.
    Gas prices, fares have gone up seeing that airfare is now zero rated, seems that’s the way to go now.

    thx for representing, i think KFF might behave (I REALLY HOPE they do). and then if Harare we represent, we can finally move from the 3rd page of Fifa World Rankings.

  9. Nah, f*ck the Lakers. I respect Kobe – his game is undeniable, but it was priceless wiping those silly smirks off his & Phil’s mugs, not to mention watching Vujacic tearing up.

  10. Its great that Americans are going to vote in Obama I’m sure if he tried to stand in Kenya we would start looking for petty reasons not to vote for him.
    I lost track of the NBA these days but its great to see the old Lakers vs Celtics rivalry back again.
    The support for Harambee Stars on Sato was amazing to say the least at this rate we will have to expand capacity of Nyayo Stadium

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