Thank God for Kenyan Women…

…Euro 2008 and especially Germany’s win yesterday – great game!

Small matter…Kenyan Women in the Diaspora:

Why do some of them overvalue their stock? Why should some chic go around behaving and expecting to be treated like an 8 or 9 while they clearly know that on their best day they couldn’t crack 6.0 on a scale of 1 to 10?

Me thinks its coz there is an acute shortage of quality mamitos in the Diaspora (half of all Kenya chics are saved – while only 3% of guys are in church on a different assignment altogether).

This explains why in any given hang you will see a load of dudes looking around for a single or unattended lady to pounce on. And this in turn erroneously reassures the said lady of her artificial elevated status.

I just hope the said chicas in the Diaspora don’t intend to move back home and carry on with no adjustment…it will be major shock on their diabz, the city of sin will show No Mercy! There are way too many beautiful and classy ladies in Nai for fake artists to survive. They will have to face a ‘market correction’ and behave accordingly.

As for the Kenyan dudes in exile, it’s always the struggle to be an R&B crooner with the bling bling, accent, and an incoherent swagger. A sad thing to see I tell you.

That’s all, happy weekend to all…meanwhile

I am busy working on my CV just in case Michelle’s baby daddy (aka Baba Malia) decides to form a coalition size government and there is a need for a not so bright but slightly knowledgeable Kenyan…fingers crossed.

12 thoughts on “Thank God for Kenyan Women…

  1. LOL @ obama’s baby mama . i AM 1000% michelle was a drama queen when young.. i personally dont like her much…… and i seperate her from obama ….

    lol@ stato women ..!

  2. (half of all Kenya chics are saved – while only 3% of guys are in church on a different assignment altogether” ..LOL..Its true its true, they ain’t no sister like a Nairobi sister..Nice week

  3. wanaringa kitu gani eh????????? ka ha ja stand ni kiraka ama na si hu wa accept hivo roho swafi..otherwise, nice weekend, though hapa ni tuesday hii githaa.

  4. i think ur right about kenyan chics in diaspora. what is being saved anyway?

    good question, I remember from primo (i was briefly ‘saved’ seriously LOL) — it’s accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and following his footsteps.

  5. lol…dont remind me! in primo i was also temporarily saved, you see, it was one of them strict, christian private schools, so maybe i was just going by the crowd. but as soon as i evaluated that and realised i have to be my own being i started questioning some ish…

  6. lol…gosh..I have laughed..I was ready to pounce on what you said till I read again that you said SOME women…hmmm…mebe you should change your hunting grounds??? (just a thought)

    HAve to say I like your format (okie just because its like mine…lol)

    it’s just observation…the hunting is not existent as in there is a Mama Watoto somewhere waiting to pounce on me if i embark on any hunting trips, LOL.

  7. if only u knew what saved guys and chicks in campo are up to when they are not bible studying…. they should just stop all pretense

    enjoy ur weekend..

    its all pretense and unfortunate if you ask me. i know there are a few genuinely saved chics and guys but most are just passing time and sinning later

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