Difficult to pass

I saw this ad on tv last evening and I just couldn’t help but laugh, I am sure its a serious illness and one that is HARD to deal with but didn’t think they would actually advertise this on TV.

Either way they should be careful when they show the ad, never in the evening and especially during dinner time….God forbid you were about to take a spoonful of desert pudding!


Also check out this parody of a Valtrex ad on YouTube. Hoping that you don’t know what it is, Valtrex is a medication for Genital Herpes, their ads run later in the night.

the parody

I find the real ad too funny as the couple smile pleasantly declaring to the viewer that they have genital herpes as if its best thing that could have happened to a couple.

8 thoughts on “Difficult to pass

  1. lol, what are the odds? as I was reading ur post, the Valtrex ad was showing on telly. Too funny, these ads on Herpes, restless leg syndrome, and viagra-like ads.

    now that chics’s reaction is more like it! the real thing!

  2. Funny!

    But you can’t laugh too hard at dulcolax, because one day you might need it. Did you know constipation is one of the leading causes of headaches?

  3. Aiii, petesmama, now how often do people have constipation?
    But its good to know its out there! incase you want to avoid a aheadache

  4. ha ha!As if those ad guys knew that your pudding was on its way to your silivating mouth!
    Why did they call it Dulcolax,and not just colax, to make things less dull?lol! But ‘stool softener is so nice,so poetic!

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