boy meets girl

girl is twenty something, boy is knocking on forty

boy falls for girl, gets deep into her

they move in together

boy caters for girl, schools her through college

girl is happy

so is boy

he engages her.

one day another boy calls

late in the night….

boy answers girl’s phone

boy: hello

other boy: can I please speak to girl

boy: and may I ask who is this?

OB: her boyfriend?!

boy: WTF?

OB: and who are you?

boy: her fiancé

OB: hmmmm

turns out girl was cheating

for the previous three years!

girl leaves, chooses other younger boy

away she goes with a blinging ring and many expensive gifts

boy is devastated…


sad story indeed, any lessons?

26 thoughts on “boy meets girl

  1. My father told me that the ideal age separating you (boy) and a gal u intend to marry should be 6 yrs (give or take 1)…. If she’s too young…she’ll look for younger blood… if she’s too old…YOU WILL LOOK FOR YOUNGER BLOOD…… and women age faster than men… Wise man, my dad, he is!

    i am not sure I would be comfortable marrying a girl more than 2-3 yrs older than I am…the other way round no problem i guess.

  2. Rent out your girlfriend to older man to put her through college before taking her back?

    LOL, didn’t look at it that way. good investment

  3. Archer, you need to be shot for that comment.

    I, on the other hand, have no comment. Well maybe just to say… these things sometimes do happen.

    its terrible when they do….i don’t think forgiveness applies in such cases

  4. @kels & 3TOC: si the boyfie was definitely in on this plan! Alaa??

    must have been, but I don’t know why he would itikia the fiance to be catching strokes on the regular – even for a degree!

  5. Lol Archer! Sounds like a plan!

    I think people will love who they may and invest in them to varying degrees. Either the investment pays off or it doesn’t.

    I suppose get your ‘arrangement’ detailed in writing so you can sue when you are aggrieved.

  6. 3N, i meant the chic should be younger by 6 years… not older! Aaaaiiii

    kwani there is something wrong with the chic being older – not sugar mummish but a bit older?

  7. Girl misses old boy cuz boyfriend is actin like a little brat, while big daddy is having wine on the yatch with a new fling!!

  8. no lessons here. according to me, is watu kushughulika, and is watu who love each other. if i was the gal and had the chance, i would do the same. kwani? get some good education for free, and all the luxuries, then leave for the man that i really want.

  9. i think older men have to know the chick is there for the money, at least in 90% of the situations. so i guess he shoudn’t be so surprised…. he’s 20 years her senior!

  10. I agree with @nakeel, you should never play a girls daddy, she’ll leave you. Secondly, don’t invest money in a woman, invest time, attention etc. Thats why the young man won methinks.

    @Xs, what do you have against mamas who are older? I think 1-5 years older is cool.

  11. Clever girl. Made a good investment.

    Dumb man. Got duped.

    Interesting Boyfriend. Played the indecent proposal card

  12. Boy got his ass kicked? Hallelujah. I love girl. I could take a few lessons from her on how to screw up a guy and not feel sorry, you probably can’t do it. one has to be utterly heartless to screw a guy like that.

  13. men.hilarious comments on a grave matter.shit happens man…and going by the various comments, dont take calls at night! ok, if that will delay the diss-ass-star that is.

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