What a bi*ch

I recently came across perhaps the worst person I have ever met at the MVA (dept of Motor vehicles). I swear if that lady is someone’s mother, God has an apology to make to their kid.

She was loud, annoying, RUDE and generally bitchy. Not to mention that it was 8am in the morning and she was shouting and dismissing clients left and right with an ice cold tone that reminded me a lot of a certain German ex leader, Adolf.

I don’t understand how such a person goes about their life. Such coldness to fellow human beings is just not necessary.


Of late I have been spacing quite a bit, which is basically going through the motions of everyday life. Its like when you are driving and you don’t realize you are moving until when you get to where you were going, that sorta thing.

maybe its the heat (global warming) though Nairobians are complaining of cold (so much for GLOBAL warming).

And for the life of me, would someone…anyone just shut up Al Gore. When did Al Gore become the authority on any global warming related matters? What was he doing for 8 full years as the US vice president towards fuel emissions, energy saving plans etc?

I understand he is retired and he is keeping himself busy, but lets not anoint him Mother Theresa of global warming just yet.

4 thoughts on “What a bi*ch

  1. Lol at “I swear if that bitch is someone’s mother, God has an apology to make to that kid”

  2. were you still spacing when you wrote about that woman at the MVA?

    i wasn’t but i think my mind was still there. actually I had just figured it was tuesday evening and 3 FULL days of work week to go

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