Does size really matter?

Every day after 10pm, I see ads for Extenze or other ‘male enhancement’ products on TV, turns out several million American dudes are on this drug.

Their pitch “You will see increased size in less than two weeks and your lady friend will love it. Product is shipped in discreet packaging so that your keep your privacy”. And of course your dignity and ego need to be protected too, no one wants their neighbors to know they reach further.

How do you keep it discreet from your girlfriend or wifey. If indeed the product works and she pays attention during bedroom olympics, won’t she feel and or see your extended eerrr….reach?

And what is the female equivalent? Are there products that tighten?

Does size really matter?

21 thoughts on “Does size really matter?

  1. Satisfy your curiosity. Buy the little buggers AND REPORT BACK! LOL

    it has to be serious research so I am sending you the pills (DHL – look for a brown package labeled “Xs Longest”) I will take the placebo and we can both report back.

  2. First of all, OF COURSE SIZE MATTERS! tropical size is unacceptable but so is the opposite
    but over and above size, is technic. So even if you extend your malehood and technique is zero then hakuna haja!
    And if you kunywa those tu pills and it extends, damn right I will know. Any woman who doesnt notice the size change then she needs to attend some sort of clinic

  3. Do the experiment boss, then report the results. Or send me a pack of them pills and I’ll do that experiment on your behalf.

    Xs is on it.

    P.S: header picha ni ya timu ya nguvu!

    I can’t wait, Sat Aug 17th Scolari opens campaign against Portsmouth

  4. Do you know that blue pill is ten years old this month …..APPARENTLY. How do I know? Coz there is a whole programme, a whole hour on telly this week called Happy Birthday VIAGRA. Yes, go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    happy bday to Viagra – it surely has given new meaning to ripe in old age

  5. Aco, I heard its men who r length n girth challenged who use that line…! LOL

    3N, send the pills to Archer & you take u the placebo. I’ll be analysing the data! Submitted data. Don’t ask me to kuja take measurement!

  6. @ XS
    Those are fighting words! But I challenge you to ask any mama, there are dudes with donkey dics but cant shag for ish. If you are average and have good technique you are good to go.

  7. Size doesnt matter its the work of art. As Aco has said there are thiose that are blessed but cant pump well.
    For mama’s there are those Virginity soaps which are all over hata supermarkets.

    Serious, virginity soaps? I guess there is everything out there.

  8. lol..I’ve seen ads for I’m guessing the products are there…but si the guy will also notice that the chic is tighter..I wonder what these people tell their significant others….

    So have y’all decided who’s doing the experiment???

    i volunteered to take the placebo, I am sending Xs the pill. reports will be over at Amezidi.

  9. Both matter size and technique, though average say 7 inches. What about straight vs curved?

    Gish, ati eerrr curved?

  10. Gish?
    Now curved how? when? am picturing curved and thinking how efficient it would be!

    hata wewe HnH, curved!?

  11. ROTF, bedroom olympics.

    From my experience, size doesn’t matter at all. It all depends on how the driver handles his stick shift.

    hata pokito? si matters could get out of hand and it would be like throwing a hot dog into a hall way?

  12. Yeah, listen to Acolyte…major length and girth actually hurts sometimes.

    But curved??? This is a whole new game.

    this one gish has to explain, curved!?

  13. 3N, roho safi, send me the pills. I’ll report the findings. Not that I need any extra length or girth, but who wouldn’t mind a little extra?

    package coming your way soon

    By the way, Chelsea beat AC Milan 5:0 in Moscow over the weekend!

    i saw the highlights, Anelka was on fire! will drama queen Drogba be ready by the opening game?

  14. Why are you asking? Do you have a problem with yours?

    ha ha ha….Not for me, mine is ok and performing at satisfactory levels. just observation tu.

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