Interracial Adoptions

It is not in anybody’s place to judge a couple’s right to adopt a child of any nationality, race, religion and color other than that of their own heritage.

We can however discuss and question a peculiar trend that I have observed when it comes to interracial adoptions especially in the US.

Basically we see a lot of this:

Brangelina and one of their adopted child
Brangelina and one of their adopted child

And very little of this:

A black couple with their adopted white child
A black couple with their adopted white child

Why is this?

Could it be that Black Americans understand better the difficulties of social interaction and merging of the two cultures; or is it that white families are more receptive and welcoming to different races?

Or is it simply a factor of more black children being available for adoption that white children as this post mentions?

Can this discussion be applied to Kenya as well?

If you were to adopt a child, would it matter what tribe the child’s parents were from? Would you make it a point to raise the child with some awareness of his/her biological heritage or would you raise the child fully in your own culture?

22 thoughts on “Interracial Adoptions

  1. Well,recent research in the US revealed that African Americans adopted the most number of kids, and are more likely to adopt than their white counterparts.As for the race issue,I don’t know.Fact is that their are more needy black children than white ones,considering the difference in population size and income per capita of developing countries esp in Africa.

    It wouldn’t matter to me.I mean, whatever drives me to adopt is not skin deep.

  2. Interesting point you raise.

    I think it is a combination of all the things you mention. More black babies to adopt, black people being more conservative and less receptive. Whatever.

    Skin colour wouldn’t matter to me if I were adopting a baby.

  3. Now why didnt I think of that? Well you are so right I think whites are more accomodative that blacks. Look at Oprah when she wanted to adopt she adopted dogs

  4. In the UK, the powers that be tend to not to let white people adopt black children, which I think is a pity as it means that many are never fostered or adopted.
    In South Africa, I fostered 8 kids, but wa careful not to impose my white culture over their own.
    I am now working with orphans in Kenya. I am personally supporting two kids, a Gusii and a Luuya and will soon foster (and maybe eventually adopt) them.
    The question of their culture is a problem as they are different, but I cannot impose my western culture upon them.

  5. As a person who is in the process of adopting a child, i will tell you that tribe does have some relevance in adoption. However this is not enshrined in law but more a practice by social workers.

    all the best seasons with your adoption. How do social workers bring tribe into relevance during adoptions? Do they favor one over others?

  6. i cant adopt a white kid….wacha ikae….

    tribe.. i dont think it matters but i not adopt and arabic kid…. jaluo gikuyu kisii kamba yote naweza adopt….

  7. cant adopt a white kid….wacha ikae….

    tribe.. i dont think it matters but i will not adopt an arabic kid…. jaluo, gikuyu kisii, kamba , giriama kalenjin …..yote naweza adopt….

  8. If you are adopting an older child like I am..he is almost 10.. they do check tribe because of culture clashes. This did not come up in my case because am a mix of 2 and my kids a mix of 3.

  9. If you are black and adopt a white kid then theres no way you can raise them in a pre-dominantly black hood without that kid experiencing some form of raicism. Plus theres also that element of “my black brother/sister” solidarity so if faced with a choice between black or white, a black couple will most likely go for a black kid or other blacks will judge them as not “standing by their own” .Fact is racism still exists.

    Sometimes I think the likes of brangelina adopt black kids for publicity. Plus as usual, if a celebrity couple does it, then the fad becomes validated, hence more whites adopt black kids without eye brows being raised.

    The upside is that all those kids are guaranteed of better opportunities when adopted. In kenya, if i bonded with a kid from a different tribe from mine, i would adopt them regardless. Culture issues usually sort themselves out.As for adopting from another race, thats a long short unless my instincts really nudge me.

  10. Just a thought. Isnt culture something you pick from the people around you regardless of skin colour and tribe ? like social norms…or what is this “culture” people always talk about?

  11. A very sober post.

    Picture this, you live in Buru or Dandora or some other Eastlands Hood. Then adopt a white kid or even an Indian one!

    All the same a deserving kid is a deserving kid. It wont matter from what race or culture.

    With celebrities, I think is part of showbiz. But if its from the heart, God bless them.

    Though its in a different context, remember a Luo dude who eloped with an Indian girl and they wanted to get married? Who was mostly against it?

  12. As one who I planning to adopt in a year’s time, I won’t adopt a white kid, mainly because there are more needy black / kenyan kids, and also for integration purposes. I’d want the child to belong, not have everyone question their origin etc.

    Tribe to me doesn’t matter, and I’ll bring up my child according to my culture since I plan to adopt a really young child anyways.

  13. If how needy a kid is is what drives the decision to adopt, then, there definitely are more needy kids in Kenya/Africa, mostly black. If I came to that point, that’s where I’d head. Tribe, no, haijalishi. Matter-of-factly, my kid would retain whatever name they had before they were legally mine. But seeing as it is that most, but not all, people adopt because of infertility issues -Mmmh, what’s with the celebs and twins? The Brangelinas just had twins, I’m thinking IVF worked-again, even, maybe- and in most cases not because they’re nicer than the average parent- then, maybe people should just adopt wherever they are.

    At the same time, you won’t believe how many kids (white and black)in the Western world need loving homes. Most ‘adopters’ are looking for babies, not little people who have grown up in different foster homes and may have social complexes, hence the hunt for babies worldwide. I don’t want to imagine the message we send to the kids growing up between foster homes, say, in the U.S., and never getting adopted while people scavenge for babies, almost to the point of buying them, in third-world countries. Ah, but they’re cute, the inter-racial adoptions, imagine having the UN in one family.

  14. I think there are more needy black children than white kids…

    And if the celebs adopted some white kid from the neighbourhood, or from some exotic far away place like Africa, which one has more publicity? ur guess is my guess.

    If I were to adopt, tribe or race would not matter. I would bring up the child in my culture but I would let them know their origins..

  15. Does the race of a child count, or the race of an adoptive parent considered in the decisions regarding an adoptive child?
    But if it is doesn’t this tell us something about the all of the african american along with the white kids still in foster care today.

  16. Hi!
    my wife and wil be heading back to kenya soon.Got plans to adopt,preferably an mixed race might be a hard one to find in the orphanages but if anyone could give me some directions would be awesome!

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