Kids on Leashes

on simpsons
Leash advert
Leash Ad: "IT will go as far as you allow IT"
another kid on a leash
actual kid on a leash
another Kid on a Leash

Isn’t this cruel and unusual parenting?

22 thoughts on “Kids on Leashes

  1. LOL! 3N, maybe you’ll understand when finally your ‘seed’ leave your knees and procreate…. (assumption here is you havent)…LOL

  2. Lol!
    @bs: 😀 I think ‘tethering’ would be another apt definition. 🙂

    Seriously though, having kids on leashes is going over the board. So much for development and technological advancement in the ‘developed countries’.
    First, bottle feeding in lieu of breastfeeding; now this?

  3. when you consider those kids you see on shows like Nanny 911 and i think it may be smart and necessary to put a leash on them. parenting done changed. our mother’s didnt need to leash us, at least not physically the look in her eye was enough to freeze me on the spot! utafanya nini na wako?

  4. ya what happened to carrying them on the back witha khanga.
    I am not sure how I feel about those leashes…………….are they called leashes?

    Or why not hold the child’s hand?Now picture someone who has triplets.

  5. Lol! Seriously kwani kids have become dogs.
    @ 3TOC, The triplets on leashes is just a funny sight. Hehehe. . .
    I think kid(s) on the back tied with a khanga worked out just fine.

  6. Eventually when you set them free, they start burning schools.

    My prayers answered. No Robihno for you. Am sure he must have thought he was signing for United!

  7. Like Discomuthenya said, we had no need for a leash. Just that look was enough and, if it failed, you were given a little physical reminder to get you in line… and the folks surrounding you didn’t report you to the police.

  8. I think its wrong i just saw today 2 parents with their child, their daughter was lay down on the floor in a store and he was dragging her face down across the floor, then we see them in another store and the cord is wrapped round her neck and she is trying to pull away in the wrong direction, both parents to busy looking at items, then we see them outside and the daughter is covered in wet and dirt because of rain and falling over, i think they are wrong either hold your kids hand or get a pushchair until they get grasp, and if you are going to do this PLEASE dont drag them and please keep an eye on them

    now both of these parents looked wealthy and from good background by their dress and grammar, sickening to see

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