Ministerial Circumcision

Kudos to Dr. Oburu Odinga and every other grown man who is yielding to the knife in order to promote circumcision in their community.

Research has shown that skin-less men have a lower chance of transmitting and acquiring HIV.

I wonder if Dr. Oburu and the other two assistant ministers will take circumcision leave from their ministerial duties?

And in times of hardship a quote…

Blessed are they who tithed well for their wealth was not lost on Wall Street!

good weekend peoples!

7 thoughts on “Ministerial Circumcision

  1. I was rocking to a Ynot beats and came across this rhyme by Common.

    Ok there was a black man a white man and a chinnese man
    The black man of coarse he was po (yeah)
    The white man. he was rich (uh ha)
    And the chinnese man, he owned a store (alright c’mon)
    Ok the blackman lived on beech street
    The white man lived on wall street
    And the chinnese man’s store is where they all meet

    Goes on to explain how the po man took over. See AIG is doing well locally? We might be taking over

  2. Hi 3N,

    Circumcision has over the years been blamed for being the cause of a long list of medical conditions, all of which have since been disproved. In the 19th century, when masturbation was thought to lead to mental illness, circumcision was prescribed to prevent madness. During the 1st world war it was claimed to prevent venereal diseases. In the mid-nineties, it was offered as a prevention against cancer. The list of “circumstitions” is quite a long one spanning many years and the benefits claimed relate to the dreaded disease of the moment.

    So here we are now with HIV/AIDS and, hey presto, circumcision comes to our rescue once again?

    Raila, Oburu, Nyongo, Olweny and Co are supposed to be discerning fellows and I can only conclude that their eagerness to support this ‘cut’ campaign has more to do with issues of politics and donor funding rather than public health concerns supported by sound medical evidence. By choosing HIV/AIDS to be the latest disease to benefit from circumcision, they are embarking on a venture of dubious value that will catch up with them when the poor folks wizen up, as they surely will…

    …that is when Agwambo will be cut to size.

  3. I’m with HLumiti on this being more of a political than AIDS issue. If I was to go to the lakeside with anti HIV message, one of the first things I’d address would be testing and wife inheritance. How comes none of our honorable members are raising this?
    Worse still, the way they’re ‘preaching’ it is so irresponsible that quite a number of lakeside men will now believe they’re HIV prone after the cut.

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