Racism in US Presidential Elections

Does racism or tribalism play a role in your decision on which candidate to vote for?

Do you believe racism or tribalism plays a role in other people’s voting decisions?

4 thoughts on “Racism in US Presidential Elections

  1. To answer question number one, racism or tribalism does not play a role but I will tell you what does. Have you seen Obama’s bum? (say Obama’s bum out loud, it is almost a nursery rhyme. He has a cute bum and he has my vote just based on his rear view. I am simple like that.

    And I think the rest of the world should base their votes on who they want to see gracing their tellies for the next 5 years.

    I support Obama not because of his front side…in fact if it were looks I would vote Palin for president…anyway McCain would have provided some good old man jokes for the next 4 yrs

  2. @lulu. -lol. I saw it again today when they showed him on CNN running up the stairs of the plane after taking time out to visit his grandma’. You need to check out that rear view- it is white house material.

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