It’s been a while since I keyed anything of value to you or me on this page….in my defense I am a lazy bastard sometimes but also it’s the ‘el rutino el liva’ as they Spanish say…same shit, same places, same people, just different days.

A short comment on Obama – he better freaking win the presidency. I could threaten to shave my dreads but I don’t have any…so in the spirit of supporting Obama:

“All the women are shaving their pinky’s in support of this year’s election. Their message to the world: “READ OUR LIPS – NO MORE BUSH!” join in and do your part ladies!

Oh and it’s a Halloween today, yeah!

And since my job always has a competition and there is a prize I dressed up in the same costume as I have since I started working here – underpaid and mildly overworked corporate j.r slave – maybe it coz I am always in the costume even when it’s not Halloween that nobody gets it…aaarrgh!

I was watching somebodies there other day and an interesting question was raised….’where do seeds to plant seedless watermelons (or any other fruit for that matter) come from?’

And do you know that John McCain cannot give a high five to anyone either his height or shorter…if you watch video of his campaigns he only hi-fives people who are at least a foot taller than he is.

Do you also know it is almost impossible to lick your elbow? I know you just tried, now confess that you weren’t able to.

And guess what else most people can’t lick on their own bodies….XS care to answer?

p.s. congrats to Liverfool fans…tough loss for us at home but at least it wasn’t Christiana’s team that did us in.

7 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. Liverfoolz got whipped by Spurs! What a game it was! I actually bet with a drink mate on it and he said they are in the best form ever. Having seen how the week day game with arse-n-al went, I had a belief they would do it and they did! Am now waiting for you guyz to loose and the field is open But am still wondering how we got to concede 3 goals at home! I dont remember the last time we did!

    you are so lucky you survived and got those 3 points….and NO we are not going to loose, the race comes to us and U and this year we are not taking any runners up spot.

  2. i did try to lick my ankle when i read that… i mean elbow… what else to be licked? as for obama, i am fasting… he should be president!

    ankle? were you successful? don’t fast just yet, I don’t trust Republicans – eat something if the election is not decided by Nov 5th

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