Saint Nicholas, savior of Prostitutes

Do you know what your name means?

Well, I just found out that my given name means that I am in the line of saints (no kidding) and hold power over you and in return you celebrate in my victories. I am the ‘power of the people’.

It is true.

Apparently one of my great great grandfathers who was definitely from another father, Saint Nicholas, started our mission a gazillion years ago… having saved the daughters of a poor man from lives of prostitution.

Legend has it that he encouraged the daughters to practice the tenet of giving as the bible teaches. He said unto them:

“Yee thou unholy daughters of a pooreth man. Thy have sinned and salvation lies only in repentance and giving. From this day henceforth, thou shalt giveth and not sell-eth, and blessings shall be bestowed upon you”

Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and merchants, as well as Greece, Kenya and Kogelo; is also responsible for the popularity of Santa Claus. Without him Christmas would never be the same, there would be no holiday sales, snow, presents, xmas parties and role playing.

***SCENE 1***

Santa. (smiling wickedly) You have been a bad, bad girl

Badgirl. ohh my! please forgive me santa…

Santa. (motioning the girl to come closer) I shall forgive you naughtygirl, but first some spanking to teach you a lesson, bring your sassy self to santa!

Badgirl. (sensually screaming), oh santa, oh santa, spank me!

Santa. can you be a bad bad girl next year too so that I can…

Badgirl. (interrupts santa, looking over her shoulder) santa!? is that my present i feel

SC: oh yes my dear, and it keeps on giving and giving…


Can you imagine a Christmas and you can’t say those sweet words to your miss, clande, or chips funga; who would want to live in such a world!?

Therefore a thank you from one not so saint to another, thank you saint Nicholas of Myra. To you my people, I hope you have been good all year – Christmas is 5 or so weeks away, Santa is on his way with all kind of toys and goodies.

And to the daughters of all men, poor and rich, give my children, give and you shall receive.

22 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas, savior of Prostitutes

  1. I just read in the papers there is no place called Kogelo! Kogelo is a clan and its people are called Jokogelo! They are from Alego!

    I miss my childhood Xmas. Used to serve the midnight mass! Church has never been as colorful and exciting. My eve of xmas nowadays are spent downing! No chips beba yet

  2. cool my name meens im a great leader and will be remembered in history as a saver and a great leader an friend
    but if u believe that ur defnatly on somethin.

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