White Girls against Obama

In every major erection there are sore winners and sorry losers.


Until recently the black man in America has not had gourmet picks from the world of white girls, instead he has been restricted to a specific genre of white chics.

If you are unfamiliar with the genre I speak of; take sometime in your life and travel to the great US Midwest. Once there, visit any predominantly white night club and observe how American brothas and their African counterparts are drawn to large white chics like Somali pirates are drawn to vessels.

It is a phenomenon that anyone who has lived in a US college town will attest to.

The phenomenon is obviously looked down upon by sistas and for good reason. Sistas see it as a blow to their integrity that a brotha would leave a booty-full, intelligent, God fearing and respectful black lady and opt for a white chic. Sistas will quickly brandish such a brotha with ‘sellout’ or ‘not strong enough to handle a black woman’ label.

I simply see it as a case of easy access to the surest p*ssy that can manifest itself into an irreversible addiction if it goes unchecked.

The Obama Dilemma and how it affects the plight of fat white chics:

A euphoric hope is in the air and white chics are welcuming it with open arms, letting the waves of ecstatic pleasures bring change and looong awaited hope to their sexual lives. It is truly a new dawn in interracial sexual relations.


I am glad that Obama won and I cannot congratulate and thank him enough for giving DC the most anticipated inauguration, related parties and drunkenness in presidential history.

The festivities will be so grand that the DC mayor and council have agreed to extend drinking hours to 24/7 during the entire period. Do not quote me on this, but I believe weed and prostitution will also be legal in DC, Virginia and Maryland metro area during that period.

For good measure though, check with your county official prior to getting drunk, getting high and paying for a Ronaldo caliber prostitute and serving time in the slammer for most of Obama’s first administration.

Moving on…

Pundits have been drooling and raving over every move by Obama, analyzing the shit out of Hillary Clinton’s role as Secretary of State and wondering out loud how Bill Clinton can stay so close to the White House with so much free time and not stain another dress.

What the pundits are missing to point out is the negative impact Obama’s success is having on fat white chics. Because of Obama, brothas are getting love from all kind of white chics including the hip ‘I could really use a meal’ kind that usually just have ‘a black friend’‘.

We are talking here of Café lattes, Chihuahua in a Dolce bag type of chics. The same chics whose collection of novels just got diversified with Obama’s ‘The Audacity of Hope’ and 3N’s soon to be released ‘How to woo an Ivy League Black Man for Dummies & Blondes’.

Those are the girls who are now dipping into the once reserved for fat white girls pool of dark knights in shining armor wielding long weapons of mass destruction. Those Obama girls are ruining a system that has not been perfect but has worked well for white fat chics.

Someone needs to urge the Obama-Biden administration not to ignore the plight of the white fat chics. We need to come together and work towards an America where every girl, white or black, large and small, get their fair share of brotha love.

18 thoughts on “White Girls against Obama

  1. Ha ha that is so true!!….suddenly brothers are back on demand despite that tainted image brought about by the ‘Black in America’ series on CNN…. So now Kenyans can fully take advantage of their Makaratasi endeavors with ease.

    ROLFLMAOEST @ ‘How to woo an Ivy League Black Man for Dummies & Blondes’. CLASSIC!! Im finna steal that one…!

  2. Eeeh, what drinkest thou?

    Yaani I have been tickled beyond words! Kwanza that first line and this one: “white chics are welcuming ” 🙂 LMAO

  3. 3N: Look at your first line: “In every major erection there are sore winners and sorry losers”. What do you mean by major erection??? lol

  4. hello every body
    i hate this kind of fuck white people who hates erected US presindent
    even if he is a black race , he has what to do.
    about what you are saying that dc will be a city of drugs , this will never happen, i’m not us people but i know more about us culture, do you remember at the time Mr king said that , he has a dream , please let dream happen to us and i hope this dream will happen around the world, specifically i want this dream happen in Europe where many people who hate black people are living.
    let me advice you , color , race, religion and other things that separate people doesn’t mean anyhting about mind. allow him lead you in next 8 years
    stay cool

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