Chelsea Blues and Summer Bunnies

I am speechless after the ass whopping our boys took from ManUseless. And kudos to Scolari (always reminds me of Salari by nameless, btw) that he has decided to drop Didier Curly Kit Whinner Drogba for Sunderland and maybe even longer, forever…I hope.

In the ManUseless match, Drogba behaved more like a top athlete in an olympic walkathon final than the premiere league player he is paid to be.

Coming to a Salon near you!
Paging all Milan hairdressers, Hair gel factories...Didier is on his way

We can’t afford to lose any more games, period.


I don’t know what to say about this summer bunny business and i got more confused by this article and the comments.

What is a summer bunny?

How does one apply to be a member?

Are there risks or rewards?

Are there other bunnies, winter, spring, fall bunnies?


Archer, Xs pole…I will try to make it up by end of this year.

Happy 2009 people.

3N, Out.

14 thoughts on “Chelsea Blues and Summer Bunnies

  1. That “summer bunnies” article has tickled me!!!!

    Seriously if you go back home (read motherland) ever so often, how do you forget where places are??? Denominations etc?? too funny!

    As for how to join..ahem..take notes from the article, get a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of some skul, lots of bling, a foreign girl on ur arm (hehe…Obama post)..and always use your credit card…

    But guys still weka fake accents in this day and age?? what am I missing?

  2. hehehehehe atii where do you apply? Let me save you sometime- your application has been denied due to your being over-qualified.You just wear a t-shirt that reads “hakuna matata”.

    I think those fake accents are developed somewhere after the JKIA immigration officials- I think as people walk down those steps leading to the luggage department, with each step the accent develops more.

  3. I was thinking that article was such a hohum!

    Woi woi the chelsea game! What a thriller! I dont remember the last time I was so happy! I cant wait for Archer to unleash his anti-drogba post. You have a bigger ‘sulker’ than him by the way, Anelka. I actually feel for Big Phil. Goes to say the premier has its owners

  4. You may not believe it but there was no joy in watching the 2nd half of the game with that total collapse even for a die hard Red like me we want to see some Compe.
    Should have gotten rid of Drogba earlier he has been whining ever since Jose left him!

  5. Bado is January so I can say HNY sio?
    That application is sent to me with unrefundable fee of $115.59 and it will be processed in two days. Fast and quick no queing…
    That game…….

  6. me and sports…am so out spoted so i support manu for my lil bro’s sake!

    bad choice lulu, would you rather wear the devil’s red or a cool blue?

  7. Happy 2009!!! and…MAN U oye!!!! Seriously, Chelsea fans need to stop making excuses for their loss. As they say, hamadi kibindoni..silaha mkononi…si u demand a re-match. Maybe this time we’ll go for a 4-0.

    its not excuses is just that…

    As for the summer bunny business…Application revoked. That is solely for the wanna-be blingers and the un-cool folk…”cos when you try hard is when you die hard your homies lookin like why god? when they reminisce over u, my god.” Ha!!

  8. you Aint a summer bunny…? By the way you owe me some pics

    of course not…and i will send you the pics, soon. miss CNN

  9. There are some people who overdo it such as those who can turn the accent on and off to suit the occasion esp when it come to issues of getting off BT. Still there are some real folk the likes of you+crew, Udi, 3toc who when you hangout with you wouldn’t believe that they ever left motherland.
    I’d say its all in a person’s mind.

    very true gish…i see a cat fight with farmgal brewing. i am rooting for both of you

  10. Gish, i dnt have a twang…cat fight if u say i do. will suffer heart failure if i keep watching football

    i agree farmgal though you have this…kinda like…a bubbling feeling inside ha ha 🙂

  11. Faking accents, that’s true. Ever wondered how someone can go to India for 14 years and still come back speaking normal English?

    As for football, I support Chelsea coz my small bro does.

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