Haven’t done one of this in a while plus I have little in terms of blog material…here it go


Sex – Yes please.

Arguments – I love, love to passionately disagree and or discuss business, sex and politics – not in that order. I especially get fired up when a whole group is against my viewpoint and I work on converting my opponents gradually and even if my opinion is defeated (I don’t lose), I at least garner some respect.

Connected – cell is always by my side and on the net always.

Chilling – call it partying, hanging out with friends, pinting, 3N loves the good times.


Kiria – it’s a chronic problem even after mamawatoto hard work at eliminating it from all my sentences.

Can I ask you something / Let me tell you something – I estimate I will have wasted at least 11 months of my life preempting conversation instead of just plunging in.

Click – not the word but the Kenyan mouth click thingie we do for no apparent reason. MW has worked on this one too…to some degree of success.

Holy Shit – as in ‘holy shit, I can’t believe that!’, try it.


All politicians (including Black Obama) are liars.

Money might be the root of all evil but I want to get myself a whole lot.

No one really knows who their real father is, except your mother.

Hard work plus luck is the best formula for success.


Brazil – the ladies, the ladies! Plus SA 2010 hype has cooled (died) off so let’s push that dream 4 years down the road.

Munich, Germany – Oktoberfest

Africa – starting with my own country Kenya, I would like to visit as many places in Africa as possible.

Heaven – when it is all said and done and I am trying to explain to my grandson what blogs were and how in the days of Black Obama people needed hardware for communication; I will also be submitting an initial application of heavenly proportions.


I made soup.

I added hot sauce to the soup, then ate the ingredients and drank the soup. I don’t know why people say they ‘eat soup’ – who chews water?

Then I washed the bowl & spoon, wiped both and put them away.

Lastly, I watched Kobe and the Lakers get a crucial win against Celtics in Boston. How is that KG, toughness my ass! See you in June. Don’t get me started on Chelsea, Scolari must go!

4 Favorite Words & create a sentence:

The – The way she looked at me, I knew she was ready for it…

Reach – So I reached down, picked it and asked her…

Mount – ‘Jenny would you be so kind to mount this tool in there.’

Fit – ‘3N, I am trying and the handle has fitted perfectly in the available space but the claws won’t go in, I will just leave it out of the toolbox’ – Jenny replied.

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s was a hammer for heaven sake!

11 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. My,my what a busy day- LOL at four things I did today.
    Alaafu, money is not the root of all evil, never has been. The LOVE of money – yes.Anyway so the good book says.

    I have this magnet on my fridge that reads,”money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”

    money / materialism enslaves many a souls

    Isn’t can I ask you a question- already asking A question? Okay let me run away now.

  2. Like the order of the things you like to argue about. Obama is no liar, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

    politics will make him a liar simply because he can’t fulfill every promise he made during the campaign – and you can’t win an election by telling voters ‘I will try’

  3. Wait, that game that he broke the record at MSG? If it is I would be very proud to be part of history.

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