Bye Bye Scolari

You even mad Avram look like a genius!
You even made Avram look like a genius!

Chelsea Under Felipe Scolari:

86 game no-loss streak at Stamford Bridge – GONE

Key games: 1-0 loss to Liverpool @ SB, 2-1 to Arsenal @ SB, 0-0 to HULL freaking CITY @ SB and 2 humiliating losses 2-0 at Liverpool and 3-0 at ManUseless.

16 points dropped at home in the 2009 campaign. Not to mention Aston Villa is ahead of us in the standings.

At this point it is quite a daunting task to make up points and catch ManU for the title. Our only hope for the season hinges on FA Cup and Champions League titles.

You may have tried Felipe but the results did not show, thanks a lot Scolari. Could you please pack Drogba in your bags as you leave?

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Scolari

  1. Hehehehe!
    I think Avram Grant is still looking for a job?
    Please note the most successful coach in the premiership has served for 21 years (Sir Alex!) and the second most successful has served for 12 years!(Arsene). Patience is what Chelsea management lacks.

    very true monte…patience is key but Abramovich has none, soon enough we will wish the Special one hadn’t left

  2. Scolari HAD to leave. I couldn’t put it any better than you have up there, he really messed up the team and enyewe the only way with him was down. Let’s hope that Guus Hiddink can salvage something out of this season. We might as well concede the Premiership to Manchester United, but there’s still the FA Cup and Champions League to fight for.

    And yes, DROGBA MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Scolari was not the problem. From what I have read big egos among the players made him disconnected with the team. Scolari was a great coach. A world cup winner for God’s sake! You people lack patience. You dont buy success. It takes time to achieve it. See what Kirima points out. If Man United had fired Alex in say 1989 I dont think they’d be where they are now. But then again it gets to a point where a system fails. It failed once around 2003 – 2006 for Man Utd but Alex re-invented himself and the team. We are waiting to see if Wenger can do the same change his tactic alittle bit and maker Gooners a success again. HAIL SIR ALEX

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